New Zealand woman dies in weird extreme sport of jet blast surfing.

This is a perfect example showing that people need some kind of restraint or they go collectively nuts.

Hordes of tourists come to St. Maarten specifically to hang on to the fence for dear life as the jets take off a few feet away. Since the Illuminati is allegedly relocating to Australia, I wouldn't be surprised if they close one eye and allow this sacrificial wager with death to keep going.

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sad....the law of natural selection I'm afraid
They should electify that fence and cordon off that part of the beach

Yes I agree, it should have a safety boundary, but even so, these people are really daft to even do this............


Woman flung to her death by dangerous jet blast at popular Caribbean tourist spot

Only in St. Maarten. This place is the wild wild west... where I belong I guess!

How insane can you get?


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