Northland firefighters battle to contain large bush fire near Whangarei (11th/12th Jan)

According to MSM, (saw it on telly so it must be true..LOL)..someone fessed up and said they lit a small rubbish fire which may have sparked local bush to go up in flames. After loosing 132 hectares of bush the fire was extinguished.

However it started, its hot and dry up here at the moment with extreme bouts of chemtrailing which seems to suck the usual humidity out of the air, even after heavy rains we are not getting the sticky spells and clouds of bugs that come with it. I have never missed mosquitos so much in my life, its just not natural.

Rain is forecast next day or so. I hope that whatever toxic crap is in the (chemtrail) rain doesn't prevent the triggering of natural life cycle of our insect friends.

(Notice how they conveniently call it "scrub"..doesn't sound half as bad as loosing 132 hectares of "reserve bush").

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I saw that too CP and it's damn disgusting. Totally agree bout the chemical aerosol sucking the moisture outa the air here. It's so hot here atm and on a drive over 90mile to get tuatua earlier today I notice the roadside signs say you can still have a fire with permit but should be a total fire ban in my opinion.

Weve had hardly any Huhu Bugs this year too, and can't even remember the last time I saw Puriri Moth. Its getting down right nasty with the chemtrail ecoterrorism.

Would not be surprised if a "developer" conveniently happened by with a master plan for a burnt out bush reserve. May even be working with the rubbish fire ratbag.

The clip I saw on One Spews (not on in MY house, was over at the neighbours) was a local guy saying it was his cousin(?) or something similar. They panned to a shot of a cottage with small remains of a rubbish fire. Never saw evidence of a burn trail from the rubbish pile to the bush, and the house was untouched. They said its what "may" have caused the fire.

You know how it is, might be legit and I sure wouldn't be putting my face on the news if it was my fault...but, hmmm yes we know how they roll. Gets hard to not be suspicious.

Either way, manufactured dry spells like this its a tinderbox. 

Fire Ban in Invercargill  ..heating up down there too apparently

Yep it's ''dry'' down here in Southland, and we are noticing the lack of ''bugs'' too. Even those pests, cluster flies are obviously ''missing''. Also the roses and fruit trees are showing signs of Autumn leaves !!!! Had a lot of chemtrails and Harped clouds !! No I think they were ''feather clouds'' !!! Very noticeable that  the big tractors and harvesters are nowhere to be seen on the roads and the rivers are only a trickle. Great weather for the kids on school holidays and campers.

Thanks Susan. Hmmm, the lack of bugs is truly worrying now.

Not a good sign we know they can trigger food shortages with this...and what about the birds!? What do fantails eat if theres no bugs?

Its been wet up here since the fires. Pretty much sucks right now, seen the sun twice this week. If its not raining its all low cloud and chemtrail haze. Its all wrong, yes..feels like we went straight from Spring to Autumn.

Oh boy we really have to stop this somehow.


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