Mushroom clouds were a common sight in the Nevada desert and the Pacific Proving Ground between 1945 and 1962.

The US used the regions to carry out more than 200 atmospheric nuclear tests, before above ground explosions were banned in 1963.

Now, a team of nuclear weapon physicists is seeking to preserve decomposing footage of those tests by embarking upon a major digitisation project.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLLN) uploaded the first 64 declassified videos to its YouTube channel this week.

Greg Spriggs, a weapon physicist at LLLN, told Gizmodo: “I think that if we capture the history of this and show what the force of these weapons are and how much devastation they can wreak, then maybe people will be reluctant to use them.”

In a YouTube video introducing the project, Spriggs said they’ve uncovered about 6,500 of the 10,000 films made during that era of history. 

“By looking at these films, we found a lot of different pieces of information that had not been analysed back in the ‘50s, and we’re discovering new things about these detonations that have never been seen before,” he said.

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Been thinking about how one of the discussions here veered off into the "Nuclear Bomb Hoax".

Was talking to a sailor who spent many years traversing the pacific. He went to the Naval Base on the Marshall Islands and reckoned the declassified records of the testing there made Hiroshima look like childs play. Which adds to the theory that we may not be looking at nuclear explosions at all. As there has been so much Nuclear testing that by now we should all be dead.

I'm not saying the nuclear industry is a hoax at all, in my view this is the real problem. But the nuclear bomb threat could well be a massive psyop, that theory holds up well.

And I've always been curious about the bombing of Dresden in WW2. They managed to simulate nuclear conditions via firebombing. Dresden was allegedly a soft target and could well have been one of the biggest warcrimes of WW2. I've often wondered why, something that big would have had a lot of planning. Wondering if it was a trial run for Hiroshima.

Nah, the effects of Dresden were very different, although no less sickening.

Dresden was planned by nasty old Churchill, who was little better than his nemesis Hitler. The Dresden bombing created a huge fireball that fed on it's own energy, ensuring the fire lasted for a prolonged period and consumed all available oxygen within it's sphere. By comparison, Hiroshima was a brief, silent flash followed by shockwave/explosion, heatwave, implosion/suction, and cloud/fallout, with subsequent lasting radioactivity.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were indeed relatively small explosions. Check out Russias insanely huge "Tsar Bomb" and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for the clarification, Dresden was a shocker. Good ole Churchill huh. And yes the TSAR bomb looks like another one of those upper reaches of hell inventions.

I know somethings not quite right with the Nuke story but not sure what. The residents of Hiroshima/Nagasaki suffered some horrendous radiation aftereffects but as usual with these things theres something up with the overall story.

No doubt another thing that will unfold in time.

Many of the old classic UFO cases featured aliens warning that our nuke testing was interfering with some universal balance or harmony that went beyond our own world. If as I suspect, these beings are inter dimensional and co inhabit our space on a different frequency, then there may be disastrous consequences not obvious to us.

Oh now theres something, the reports of the greys have increased radically since the advent of nukes. Crowleys interdimensional demons friends appear to be thriving on it.

I don't know if you followed the whole "Babalon Working" story. Allegedly L Ron Hubbard and other military occultists such as Jack Parsons (of jet propulsion laboratory fame) performed a ritual around 1946/47 to birth Crowleys Moonchild.

Anyway the story is consistent with the timing of 1947 being a year of high synchronistic related weirdness.

And in L Ron Hubbard news I don't know if you caught my post on how the mind wipe techniques they propose to used on PTSD sufferers is a scientology tool.

The "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" thing. Its all about engrams...

I've gone off topic again, sigh. Gets hard to keep up with this revolving door of madness, everything links up.

Best I go back to my hobbit hole and regroup for a few days .

Don't get me started on Scientology Cat's PJ.

As Dangerous a bunch as they come.


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