NZ Quake - 60 km South of Opunake Early Reports 7.0 on geonet

NZ Capital City Shakes - Wellington Early Reports 

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    • Reference Number: 3732830
    • NZST: Tue, Jul 3 2012 10:36 pm
    • Magnitude: 7.0
    • Depth: 230 km
    • Details: 60 km south of Opunake

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I felt this one -- my mirror was banging the floor last night, and i KNEW it was NOT the train. Train doesn't come through after 9pm.

Pierre went outside to keep watch on the back deck, and he NEVER does that. It was around this same time.



I know I'm miles away from the action, (for Now at least, who knows how long before Northland gets one of these manmade jolts on it's doorstep) but we've been under rain and alot of shower cloud the past few days but yesterday something about the air pressure was giving my ears hell as well as the tinnitus type ringing but I didn't want to say and be a moaner.  Today they're a little better but not much.

yeah you must have gotten it in Wangaui considering I could feel it all the way up here & I am 1.5 hours away from you.


People from Bay of Plenty to Otago reported feeling it.

The first quake was followed nine minutes later by a 4.6 shake at the same depth, 70km south of Opunake.

GNS Science duty seismologist Lara Bland said the 7.0 quake was the largest to strike the Taranaki Bight area for the past 100 to 120 years.

There has evidentally been a few quakes in this area over the last ten years so Geonet not giving correct info.  Saw this post on one of my fb pages Rose.

"Since 2001 there have been a couple of quakes in the same area as the 7.1 last nite, but not as large in magnitude. On 26th May 2003 there was a 5.2 in the same area, similar depth and it was followed the next day by a 5.0 just north of Reporoa (146kms deep), this is a volcanic area."    and;

"The second quake in the same area as last nite was on 2nd February 2012, it was a 4.8, and was followed the next day by a 4.1 in the same area. There was a 4.1 259km deep in the Bay of Plenty the next day."


thank for the info Donna - this is the screenshot of the 4.9 in march - a ship was seismic mapping that area at the time

last quakes 
[View Felt Reports in Google Maps]
[View event in Google Maps]Interactive earthquake shaking map. Report this quake. Map of New Zealand showing earthquake location.

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