Carol, a NZ'der living in Australia, calls in to TFR's Gematria Effect to tell of her teenage son's experience in a NZ High School Shooting. Youth homelessness, opportunity denied also forms part of the story. Her call begins at the 76:31min mark to roughly the 113min mark. Very interesting.

TFR| Gematria Effect| Zachary K Hubbard

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Hi Nym - I cant find the right link, is there a direct link to the podcast?

That is the direct podcast link as far as I can tell. I'm not logged in to TFR so should work for you as it does me. hmm


Here is the main page for the gematria effect: TFR| Gematria Effect| Zachary K Hubbard

Both links are the same and go directly to the podcast from my end.

Shooting happened in Hamilton. no date given, an old memory? I couldn't find anything in a quick search, doesn't mean much though. Hard to navigate the spy net now.

Did a general search for "Hamilton NZ High School shooting" and all I got was this:

And perhaps more relevant, This:

A shooting Drill?

A drill passed off as real?

Intriguing huh? What's going on I wonder??

Sure is! Wish she would drop in here and tell the story to you or Rose, even if it had to stay off the page.

fake news?

Probably Clyde. Someone is causing mischief I'd say. They Probably read the "drill" information and ran with it. 

utter bullshit 

The article or the comments?

It's rare I tell anyone their comments are bullshit. The woman calling a school shooting in NZ is full of bull it seems.


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