Occult significance of names: Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Queen Maxima's sister, Planet of the Apes and Kilauea volcano

There is an explanation which links many suicided celebrities. An advanced race which runs the earth from the shadows is using the ancient art of divination called onomancy to reveal themselves to us. 


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"Advanced race"? Give me a break. Try Freemasons. They've been doing onomancy for centuries in media.

Hi Elana,

Thanks for the comment. I've often wondered if all these word games can come from a billionaire zionist. Then I try to imagine the work involved in creating the 2nd degree of separation type of synchronicity. Take for instance Amanda Bourman - A man da, bore man - who wasn't the lady getting sucked out of the plane, but rather a passenger. The amount of planning involved to bring these characters together seems superhuman. 

In any case, I can only face this labyrinth with a solid Buddhist ideology. The one that says we are all one. Whether or not Aliens are involved is secondary in a way. The fact remains whoever is behind this is omnipotent, and they need to communicate. So I will keep sliding in my two cents about genetically diminishing aggression and the like, knowing that this too is technically possible.

The boredom meme popped up again. The count is accumulating, lol. Besides Russian journalist Maxim Borodin - max him bore, oh din! Amanda Bourman - a man, da bore man, and Anthony Bourdain - ant honey, bore da in, we can now add the Wild Boar soccer team trapped in the cave. At least they were rescued.

I understand it must be boring for our name game friends to contemplate becoming vegetarians, but as I like to say, if you don't have it, you don't miss it. Find your joy elsewhere. 

And yes, I'm bored too, but I'm even more patient to learn more about the name games.

Alot has been happening lately. Everyone is wondering why Stormy Daniels was arrested and released for letting someone touch her in a non sexual way during her show, something that happens all the time. It's for the exact same reason Chris Brown was arrested last week for a felony he committed over a year ago. Their names. 

Stormy gets arrested as we're anxiously looking at several hurricanes, including Beryl which was headed my way, Chris in the NE and super typhoon Maria, which went over the US territory of Guam and passed south of Okinawa, towards Taiwan, Japan and China.

This image of Chris looks like the iconic wind face, with an eye and eyebrow.

Daniels is a love poem - Dan He elle's - from whomever, Angel, man or Alien, penning the onomancy messages. 

Chris Brown's arrest is also very mysterious in and of itself, as he committed the felony over a year ago. it's an onomancy reply to my discussion in the blog about Chris Cornell - Christ corn elle, and my allergy to onomancy messages about characters in the bible, including Maria. Why didn't they remove that name after last year's hurricane Maria destroyed much of the Caribbean? She's all over lately, including the Capital Gazette shooting which happened in Annapolis, Maryland. The Thai soccer team story included 2 characters whose names end in 'are pas corn' 'french for 'are not corn' - and 'na corn', both responses to the discussion of Chris Cornell - Christ corn elle - and my suggestion that people could save themselves this time around. 

hi cat, my thoughts re the Thai rescue of the boys from the cave..there had to be a sacrifice of course so the Thai ex-navy seal diver gave his life to ensure every boy was saved. One must always pay the ferryman is how it rolls. The monsoon rain held off from the cave but Japan got a drenching.

Hi Rainbow Cat,

How true. it could also be the soul of the sacrificed diver helped the rescue from beyond.


I was just thinking they could do better than the headline that was on 15 minutes ago.

This morning as I checked the location and intensity of Hurricane Beryl, I woke up to this on my random slideshow desktop. Bare the ill, that's what we do. Hi Rose!

As I closed the browser, this just popped up again! Literally, taking my breath away.

It arose!

So much happening all the time for sure Cat. Meanwhile here in NZ we had the 'worse road crash in 13 yrs' and looking at some of the names can almost send a chill and the morning after, straight outside my window I received Cobwebs and a crocodile 'cloud' eating snowballs? 

Link to crash article

Hi Rainbow Cat, Thanks for the poetry. The accident is so very sad, yet empathy shines through the Taranaki Daily News article, as only possible in a genuinely supportive community.


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