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Fukushima city is going to host Olympic baseball and softball games in 2020.
What is the level of radio-contamination there? This is the question on everybody’s mind, spectators and players from all over the world. Is it really safe?

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What about N.Korea or Chernobyl? The mere suggestion of Fukushima stifles me?!
It's All about Safety for the Olympic teams, all guests can make their own decision's.

By 2020 the cat will have definitely escaped the bag due to new inescapable realities (like no more seafood) that will be impossible to ignore by then, and no one will turn up to any Olympics in Japan.

This might even cause the end of the games if they should persist.

I would not even be surprised if the fact that Tokyo has to be evacuated will be happening by then as its covered in Cesium 137. 

They would have to pay me a lot of money to go to Japan and even then I would not go. 

Its all downhill from here unless we drop everything else and concentrate on radiation eating tech, or maybe they'll just pull that out of the hat all of a sudden?

There's bound to be a lot of money in that...

I wonder if one of the main sponsors for the games is the pharmaceutical industry!  Gerry you just said all the things I was going to say,  and I am wondering how far this goes before they bring out the neutralizing technology for the radiation. I know they have it!

Great minds think alike eh?

I guess you can thank me for saying it because now I'll be the one that looks stupid when the Olympic Stadium is packed out for the opening ceremony. 

Then the camera pans the crowd, slowly zooms in and focuses, and it dawns on us-in one microwave moment-why the color of the crowd is so homogenous and grey:

The crowd is entirely comprised of The Hillary, The Donald, Assange and Snowden!

Here and there you can see a Hillary malfunctioning, its head doing 360's with eyes and mouth agape,

Or a Donald shaking a Snowden and shouting "YOU'RE FIRED!", or strangling an Assange!

Mixed in at intervals are CNN reporters continually asking a single question:

"How does it feel?" To which the answer is: "NOTHING" and the chant permeates the crowd like an insane mantra:

"How does it feel?"  "NOTHING"

"How does it feel?"  "NOTHING"

"How does it feel?"  "NOTHING"

And then a big cheer goes up as the home team enters the stadium and they all look like the picture Saru G posted above and the crowd roars "REAL HUMANS!" how do they dare walk all unprotected like that with only a gasmask??!!

Thats when its obvious who the Major Sponsor is: The ROBOT Industry.

And we understand why the earth is bombarded by every conceivable kind of Radiation without recourse:


They are weak and held back by REAL feelings like Compassion, Remorse, Pity and specially LOVE.

Everything thats BAD for business.

I think I saw that movie. 

The team has their hazmat  uniform under wraps but Sticky Leaks gives a a sneak preview below:

In my opinion, this one is slightly more appropriate:

However, what we think doesn't matter.

They might look a weenie bit more fashionable in my electro smog baseball cap?

Fuck it, lifes to short, lets dance.


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