Seems like an awful lot of shit going on around the globe. My thoughts and love goes out to all our family and friends out there fighting what ever is being thrown at us. We will survive and thrive because we are all one. The style of this track sounds a bit aggressive but the thoughts behind it and lyrics are deep and positive. Send love, not war. Fuck the Government, Change the System.

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nice one Saru sentiments too this very night

its wild out there hold tight


One Earth One Love One People

It certainly is time to remind ourselves of this.  Impeccable timing SaruG


Thanks WUK. Feel free to share it around.

Saru G tellin' it!

Learn how to celebrate diversity and share our Spaceship earth.

Screw the NWO: They don't own us.

Cheers for the reply Martin. We all have our own way. You do your amazing job here and on Uncensored. Chur!!

Love you ~ LOVE YOU, Love your truth Saru G

Thank you for this SG! Very much needed now more than ever.

luvin this Saru G    peace n love mate


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