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This is what all the radiation is doing to the future of humanity.  Europe has been poisoned with radioactive iodine since at least 2011 - and it has been added to the natural gas in particular in Germany and Finland.  Germany gets much of its natural gas from Norway, and Finland gets it from Russia.  The iodine may be added to the natural gas in Norway - for Germany - before it is shipped in a pipeline under the sea for German distribution.  I was able to determine that iodine was added to the natural gas shipped from Russia at the border when it leaves Russia and travels through St. Petersburg into Finland where more is added in a town near the Finnish border. 
If this is happening to Taiwan from their nuclear power plant emissions, and DU rained out by the monsoons in Taiwan and along the coastline of Asia - as indicated by the CIA demographics that I have followed for years - then this is also happening in N. America, and Europe from all the rad releases there. 

After nuclear bomb testing, the US had the highest rate of mental illness in the world - over 26% of the US population had some form of mental illness.  Countries like Nigeria that were not exposed to rad from bomb testing had much lower rates of mental illness - Nigeria 4%.
This is very very sad, and I would say the greatest crime ever committed by the madmen and psychopaths controlling the world.  I would say David Rockefeller, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Cheney, George H.W. Bush, and you can think of a lot more I am sure.

So watch the western economy and populations crumble into DNA dust from now on - that too is the Wigner effect.

Nearly 30% of children in Taiwan suffer mental disorders: study

United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe will face decline.

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After I mentioned the vaccine program, Leuren responded with this:

The graphs show that the increases and decreases for the past 67 years correlate with bomb tests (even specific ones), the increases in nuclear power/accidents(Chernobyl), and DU from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I made a graph of uranium levels measured in Los Angeles drinking water since 1998, and was able to put individual Iraq/Afghan battles on specific years - that information by year of DU levels correlated directly with Chris Busby's govt. data of DU in the British atmosphere and my graph correlated perfectly with his graph - both from govt. data.  In turn, those DU in the atmosphere #'s by year correlated with the number of airstrikes in Afghan and Iraq by year.

The vaccines are definitely not good for children, they don't need them if they are on a healthy diet, but the radiation damage is far greater than chemical toxins.  On top of that, when they are both present (chemicals and rad) there is a synergistic (multiplier) effect  that makes 1+1 much more than 2 times worse. 

Larry will send you the graph he just found in Aviation Week that proves the hypoxia in training military pilots since 2011 (Fuushima) has gone up steeply due to the pilots exposure to Fukushima contaminated air columns they are flying through - COMBINED WITH the toxins in the chemtrails.  Several branches of the US military have suspended pilot training, and the regular pilots are grounded and cannot even get their maintenance hours in each month because all of the pilots are susceptible to episodes of not getting enough oxygen (hypoxia) in their bodies to be able to continue their flight - they have to do an emergency landing before they pass out.  So this data correlates with large increases in infertility reported in Japan, US, etc., mental illness in Taiwan (30% in children) and other countries, and many other indications that radiation is having a very deleterious effect on this planet.  It's also happening in animals and wildlife.
Appreciate the update from Leuren and your sharing your conversation. Explains a lot. The incidence of children with horrible cancers has skyrocketed. The insanity of people believing that radiation is a treatment for cancer is truly dumbfounding.

I agree with Leuren. I think the radioactive pollution that continues to infest the Earth from decades of accidents, tests, and irresponsible experiments, is seriously overlooked and underestimated.

Leaky reactors in the Antarctic, plutonium in the Siberian steppes, Fukushima, Chernobyl, islands in the Arctic Circle that have been irradiated to death. Projects Prime, Argus, Starfish, Upshot Knothole, the Hood Bomb, the Tsar Bomb... look I could compile list of hundreds of events. The Department Of Energy, formerly the Atomic Energy Commission, are the primary perpetrators in the States, and some of their nuclear crimes are unspeakably vile.

Very very sobering  Thank you for this info. 


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