Banned on the TV, banned on the radio....but you can watch it here!


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Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing this

On YT now....

not any more

Great stuff kinda can see why it is banned the truth hurts to much 

Exactly Steel.... it's very accurate I feel

This is great shared it with friends.

I heard the guys who did this vid are now in some sort of legal trouble. Must go look it up.

along with Hager's book I guess his image is gettin a lil tarnished ... damage control

A song which takes aim at the National Government has been blocked from television and radio and the Electoral Commission says it will take its creator to court if he doesn't remove the song from iTunes.........Mr Watson says the ruling has highlighted a "huge inconsistency" as many songs are politically charged. He says he is prepared to contest the decision in court to ensure songs such as his are treated fairly.  source (national news)

Courageous man and to be congratulated etc for it.

Agree Susan. Watched a few TV1 & 3 newsclips this morning of interviews over Nicky Hager's book. It's really ramping up a notch.

Good on him for defending himself.

What amuses me is that it was only a few weeks ago that John Key's biography was released. I actually read it [no, I did NOT buy it!] and it was the most preposterous piece of propaganda.

Didn't see any attempts to block it's release so close to election time. Hypocracy rules. 

That's interesting, didn't know he had a biography out ... timed strategically also I guess. In listening to those clips, and reading the comments etc, it's crystal clear who owns the media. Or who they're batting for.


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