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I suspect there is a false flag brewing and that maybe Jones's deplatforming is tied in with it somehow. I do not think that any kind of Alt Media purge is in progress however. I think Jones is a part of the psyop.

Uncensored has had tip offs about a potential FF relating to September for a while now, but we tread with caution and collate information rather than charging in blindly.

As the pieces come together I'll comment further.

Below is a photograph of the supposed mail bomb envelope addressed to John Brenan at Time Warner (CNN).  If this photo is an actual photograph of that package, then I have some exceptionally interesting questions to ask about it and all the others, if they were delivered the same way.

Source: Matt Graver Comment at

There are too many anomalies or abnormalities regarding the delivery of these packages, which everyone ought to be questioning, especially asking “is it an inside job”.  Why?  IF those packages truly were delivered by the U.S. Postal System, then several red flags are flying high from where I come.

Red Flag #1:  No Post Office cancelation mark(s) on any of the six stamps.  Assume all packages had no cancelation marks too.

Red Flag #2:  Only six 50-cent U.S. flag stamps totaling $3.00 for a package containing a pipe with other ‘contents.’  How could those packages have gotten through USPS routing, especially for insufficient postage?  Someone should have stopped them en route before delivery.

Red Flag #3:  The above Red Flags 1 and 2 logically point to apparent possibilities:

a. The packages were hand delivered to addresses, if not by postal personnel, which means collusion of some type going on due to geographical locations, so there ought to be surveillance camera footage available to determine if that were the case.

b. If the packages actually were delivered by USPS, what type of ‘collusion’ could have gone on within the USPS to get them to their destinations since no one caught the apparent “postage anomalies”?

c. Were they delivered by Russians, if (a) and (b) don’t apply?


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