Poisoning the Elixir Part I – Water

california-1751455_960_720by Jill Henderson

Excerpted from our new book: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

Water has been sacred to mankind since the dawn of time as proven by the respect and even worship given to it by every religious philosophy and text in the world. The human body is made up of 75-85% water and without it, life on earth as we know it would end. We are only alive because water is alive. Yet, water all over the world – including the water we drink every single day – is being mindlessly polluted and willfully poisoned. Will this nightmare be the true downfall of mankind?

One of the most wonderful places to appreciate the vast power of water on a physical and spiritual level is from the shore of any great ocean. From that viewpoint, the water seems eternal and ethereal all at the same time. Imagine you are standing on the sun-kissed beaches of the US West Coast looking far out into the Pacific Ocean. Travel in your mind across the water for a hundred miles or so and soon you will see the edges of a great island that spans the blue waters as far as an eagle can see…

Welcome to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). A once-living, breathing body of water filled with the most amazing array of life on earth, that is now slowly, but surely, being choked to death by mankind’s laissez-faire consumer mentality.

This horrific scene is manifested in a swirling gyre of life-sucking garbage and micro-plastic that stretches from the near reaches of the California coastline almost all the way to the shores of Japan.

The GPGP is not the only one of its kind in the world, either – it’s just the biggest. Those who have seen this monstrosity up close are utterly horrified because they know that what they see floating on top of the water pales in comparison to what lurks just beneath it and that which lays in a tangled, life-choking mass on the ocean floor.

As appalling as it is, these vast stretches of ocean trash are but a visual manifestation of the total disregard for the natural world, and water in particular. These garbage patches not only represent obscene consumerism but also industrial greed.

Not only do corporate entities not care about the welfare of nature, they use it intentionally to sabotage the human race in their quest for wealth, power, and control. By destroying water with garbage, sewage, and hazardous waste, they also destroy one of the most fundamental elements of human life, energy, and solace.

The clean water our grandparents took for granted just a few short decades ago is now in serious peril. Rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans carry the bulk of the world’s toxic waste. The very rain that falls from the sky is contaminated with industrial toxins, heavy metals, and a whole host of other life-sucking chemicals.

Even the water from public municipal sources – once touted as the cleanest drinking water in the world – is no longer fit for drinking, much less bathing or watering your garden or the commercial crops we rely on for sustenance.

Never mind fecal matter in the water, these days we should be more concerned with industrial pollutants, urban and rural runoff and a frightening array of pharmaceutical drugs in the billions of gallons of feces and urine that are flushed down the toilets of millions of Americans every single day. These and many other toxic substances are increasingly difficult to remove using the water purification systems employed throughout the Western world today. And just imagine those countries that don’t have such sophisticated systems.

As if all this weren’t bad enough, we also have to contend with pollutants and pharmaceuticals like fluoride and chlorine that are intentionally added to our water after it has been through the purification systems and before it is sent to our water taps.

Chlorine is bad enough, but at least it can be easily removed from drinking water by running it through a simple filtration system or letting it stand in an open vessel overnight. On the other hand, fluoride and other pharmaceuticals are extremely difficult to remove.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age that fluoride, an FDA-approved drug first introduced to drinking water in the 1940’s, is still being added to municipal water systems around the world. This crime against humanity was based on a lie of epic proportions and it’s high time to expose the perpetrators and take control of our water and make it whole again.

It is well known that pre-farming cultures had very little if any dental decay due to a whole food diet that did not include a lot of sugary and floury foods, which cling to teeth and create a cavity-producing bio-film that is very hard to remove with brushing.

This simple fact is proof that humans, along with the rest of the animal world, were created with decay-resistant teeth. Today, both human and animal diets are filled with sticky foods, which not only cause oral decay but are detrimental to overall health. Cavities were pervasive in the colonial and post-colonization era because Europeans simply didn’t understand the connection between hygiene and disease. That tradition carried on into the new world for at least a hundred years, if not more before they got clued in.

Fluoride was first introduced to the municipal water supply of the United States in 1945. Government scientists bamboozled the American people into believing that treating the water with fluoride would strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities by up to 65%.

Since then, thousands of in-depth studies have proven beyond a doubt that fluoride does not prevent cavities or protect the teeth in any way. In fact, the World Health Organization has said outright that there is no difference at all in the incidence of tooth decay between the few countries that fluoridate their water and the majority of the world that does not.

Next week I’ll talk about fluoride in-depth and what it does to the human body…

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Coincidentally, I was just reading a quote from Viktor Schauberger when I saw this post come up.

Speaking in the 1950s he predicted that one day soon a bottle of clean water ill be worth more than a bottle of fine wine, so rare will it be.

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Poisoning the Elixir Part II – Fluoride

Guest Post by Jill Henderson – Show Me Oztap water-2825771_640

Excerpted from our new book: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation

In Poisoning the Elixir Part I – Water, we delved into how fluoride came to be intentionally added to our drinking water as a means of disposing of industrial toxic waste and mind control. Not only is the addition of fluoride to drinking water ineffective, a massive body of evidence exists that proves that fluoride is extremely dangerous to human health, too. At the very minimum, consumption of fluoride in water has been shown to causes irreversible dental fluorosis, which now affects 32% of American children. This drug-induced condition permanently yellows, spots, and rots teeth starting at a very young age. Additionally, accumulation of fluoride in the bones and joints causes skeletal fluorosis, which is a permanent and incredibly painful condition that leads to severe arthritis, bone diseases, and bone cancer.  Continue reading on Jill’s blog, Show Me Oz


A class of industrially produced chemicals called PFAS are found in many products, including cosmetics, fire-retardant foams, and food packaging.

  • Almost everyone in the industrialized world has some of these so-called "forever chemicals" in their blood.
  • But scientific evidence suggests they may also be linked with cancer and other serious health issues.
  • More than 30 communities across the US have water sources that are contaminated with dangerously high levels of PFAS chemicals.


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