Polio-like Illnessa US doctors baffled as rare spinal disease spreads across 22 states

US doctors baffled as rare spinal disease spreads across 22 states
US health officials have issued a warning about a rare condition which attacks the nervous system and spinal cord after 62 new cases of the little-known disease were confirmed across 22 states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took steps to warn about the symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) after doctors recorded a jump in cases this year. In 2018, the federal health watchdog confirmed 62 instances of the disease - which causes limb weakness and can paralyse sufferers. The illness has been compared to the polio and West Nile viruses.

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The number is nearly double the amount observed in 2017, when 33 AFM cases were found in the US. In the CDC’s health warning the organisation said at least 65 other patients are being assessed after they displayed symptoms of the malady.

The rare AFM condition mostly presents in children but so far a cause or consistent patient pathogen has alluded doctors.

According to the director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Nancy Messonnier, 90 percent of AFM cases since 2014 have involved people 18 years and younger. The average age of affected patients is just four.  

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“This is actually a pretty dramatic disease,” Messonnier told reporters on Tuesday. “These kids have a sudden onset of weakness and they are generally seeking medical care and being evaluated by neurologists, infectious disease doctors and their pediatricians and coming to public awareness.”

As CDC scientists search for the root cause of the mysterious ailment, the organisation has urged healthcare providers to be extra vigilant when dealing with patients displaying limb weakness and mobility issues.

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Albany, Oregon (CNN)The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's own medical advisers are criticizing the federal health agency for being slow to respond to a polio-like disease that's struck hundreds of children over the past six years.

"Frustrated and disappointed -- I think that's exactly how most of us feel," said Dr. Keith Van Haren, one of the CDC advisers on AFM and an assistant professor of neurology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.
Van Haren and other doctors who care for these children say the agency has been slow to gather data and to guide pediatricians and emergency room physicians on how to diagnose and treat the children struck with the disease, acute flaccid myelitis.
"This is the CDC's job. This is what they're supposed to do well. And it's a source of frustration to many of us that they're apparently not doing these things," said Dr. Kenneth Tyler, a professor and chair of the department of neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and another adviser to the CDC on AFM.


 Children across the country are dying from what the mainstream media is describing as a “polio-like” illness, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is doing everything in its power to cover it all up and pretend like nothing is happening.

At least two parents who have lost children to so-called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), as it’s also called, say that the CDC is acting as though all is well, even as children are becoming paralyzed and losing their lives to the deadly disease.

“I feel like they’re just sugar-coating this,” stated Katie Bustamante, whose six-year-old son Alex died back in May from the condition, during a recent interview panel with CNN. “It eliminates my trust in the CDC.”

Bustamante and the four other women who spoke with CNN gave the CDC a grade of “F” for its handling of the outbreak thus far. Meanwhile, the CDC is blaming a “lag” in reporting on cases of AFM, and at the same time refusing to comment on any of the specific cases in which children have been harmed or killed as a result of the outbreak.


Back on Aug. 4, 2012, I published an interview with retired Vaccine Court “Claimant” Attorney Walter Kyle titled Exposing the FDA’s Vaccine Injury Cover-up: An Interview With Walte... then on Sept. 30, 2015, I wrote another article Attorney Walter Kyle’s Reaction to Suing the Feds and Big Pharma.”  Attorney Kyle also was active in the Congressional hearings on the Salk vaccine in the 1990s.  [Kyle, W.S. 1992. Simian retroviruses, polio vaccine, and origin of AIDS. The Lancet 339: 600-601.]

However, and subsequently, many of my articles about vaccines and the ‘militaristic’ politics revolving around them, especially articles about 47,500 children in India who suffered “acute flaccid paralysis” after the Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation oral polio vaccine campaign, cannot be found using normal Internet search engines like Google.  Google previously listed my Activist Post archives around 90,000; now Google has them sanitized down to 30,300 as of the writing of this article!  What does that tell you?

Recently, there’s been an upsurge in a polio-like paralysis disabling children, which federal health officials have labeled “acute flaccid paralysis” or “acute flaccid myelitis,” as expressed in the American Academy of Pediatrics October 17, 2018 article CDC seeks cause of acute flaccid myelitis as cases spike.”  As of October 2018, there were 62 confirmed cases of AFM in 22 U.S. states.  As of my writing this, there are 80 cases confirmed in 25 states.[1]


2018 has seen a record number of cases of a polio-like illness which paralyzes children, according to US health officials

Experts still have no idea what's causing children across the country to lose the ability to move their arms, legs, face, heck, or back - around a week after patients are diagnosed with a fever and respiratory illness. The rare disease which starts off like the common cold affects the nervous system, "specifically the area of the spinal cord called gray matter, which causes the muscles and reflexes in the body to become weak," according to the CDC

Around half of the children diagnosed were admitted to hospital intensive care units - with many requiring breathing machines. Officials also have no idea why some children recover from the illness, while others are left paralyzed.

Traced back to 2012, the mystery illness known as Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) has struck 158 people across 36 states this year, while 311 reports are still being evaluated. Texas has had the most cases at 21, while Colorado came in second at 15. 

What's also strange is the two year cycle observed in the illness which begins in September and subsides at the end of November. 

Investigators have suspected it is caused by a virus called EV-D68. The 2014 wave coincided with a lot of EV-D68 infections and the virus “remains the leading hypothesis,” said Dr. Ruth Lynfield, a member of a 16-person AFM Task Force that the CDC established last month to offer advice to disease detectives.

But there is disagreement about how strong a suspect EV-D68 is. Waves of AFM and that virus haven’t coincided in other years, and testing is not finding the virus in every case. CDC officials have been increasingly cautious about saying the virus triggered the illnesses in this outbreak. -AP

Also a mystery - while over 17 countries have reported scattered cases of AFM, none of them have seen cyclical surges like in the United States

2014 electron microscope image of EV-D68 Enterovirus

The CDC has set up a task force in response to AFM which will investigate its causes, possible treatments, and to establish post-AFM aftercare. 

"I want to reaffirm to parents, patients, and our Nation CDC's commitment to this serious medical condition," said CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD. "This Task Force will ensure that the full capacity of the scientific community is engaged and working together to provide important answers and solutions to actively detect, more effectively treat, and ultimately prevent AFM and its consequences." Redfield says AFM is the agency's top priority. 

"We want to take advantage of all of [our] resources to figure out what is causing AFM," said Messonnier, who said that the presence of pathogens in the spinal fluid is one of the best indicators of AFM - however that doesn't necessarily mean that the pathogens are the cause. 


In America?Only if you're Amish or a conspiracy theorist.


CDC confirms 4 more acute flaccid myelitis cases, 186 total

In an update this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 4 new cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM)—the polio-like illness affecting a record number of people, mostly young children, in the United States this year—bringing the total for 2018 to 186 confirmed cases.

Thirty-nine states have recorded cases, a number that has not changed since the CDC's previous update on Dec 24. Texas has reported the most cases, 25, followed by Colorado (16), and Ohio (12). Three states—Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington—have recorded 10 cases.

Since the CDC began logging AFM cases in 2014, they have peaked every other year in the fall. 2014 saw 120 cases, followed by 22 in 2015, 149 in 2016, and 35 in 2017.

More than 90% of patients report mild respiratory symptoms consistent with a viral infection before AFM symptom onset, which typically involves limb weakness and paralysis. "AFM is a complex condition, and it is difficult to determine why only some people go from having a mild respiratory illness or fever to developing AFM," the CDC said. The agency has yet to determine a cause for the 2018 cases. Some cases in previous years were linked to enterovirus infections.
Dec 31 CDC update


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