Friends, I just got off the phone with the director of the company who produces the cell phone protector R2L - Radiation to Light. They told me they are the only company that has actually verified the efficacy of their product using the SAR (specific absorption rate) testing. At least this is a step above the usual "new age" devices making ludicrous claims! I also asked them if they have seen a reduction in measurements using a microwave meter. They said yes. I will attempt to verify this when my R2L arrives, since I purchased one last night.

I then asked if they thought using two of these devices on the back of the phone would dissipate even more radiation and give an even more effective reduction. They said it would, and told me the new iPhones actually have two antennas located inside of them one at the top and one at the bottom of the phone. So using one of the R2L devices on the back top and bottom of the iPhone might be a good approach.

I don't even like talking about using "bandaids" like this on a toxic wireless device that we should not even be using in the first place! However, nobody is about to give up their cell phone, the addiction is now all-pervasive. And if it is true these devices provide a 70% reduction in radiation, that is a relatively worthy accomplishment. So I am choosing to offer the best information I can and join the "relative" world of radiation remediation.

I may even choose to add this product to my website. I am impressed. And I am going to wait until mine arrives to do further testing. I am also going to ask the

However, if you don't mind a suggestion, since you have nothing to lose but $60, and everything to gain in terms of your health...go to the link below, which is the company website, and purchase 2 units of the R2L.

If you have an iPhone, place one device on the back top of the phone and one at the back bottom. For other phones possibly consider placing one device on both sides near the top. Or an even better idea, is before attaching the device, make a call on your phone so it is radiating its usual carcinogenic microwave transmission (hint), and holding the R2L very close to the back of the phone, move it around and see which position lights up the little LED the brightest, or gets the most reaction out of the LED. This will show you where the most radiation is being dissipated as light through the LED. Then place the device in that position.

Go here to make your purchase, and let me know of your experience:

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SourcePoint Global Outreach
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