I am using a Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger Counter to measure "ionizing radiation." Ionizing radiation is what emits from radioactive elements such as plutonium, uranium, or other earth-based mineral elements. Ionizing radiation is different than the "non-ionzing" radiation which emits from cell phone towers and other wireless devices such as cell phones or cordless phones. People wear these so called "Scalar Energy Pendants" all over the world, believing they are healthy or they protect them from EMF. You decide for yourself if they are safe or not? I am not an expert on this subject. And there may be a slight possibility that the material used to make these pendants is simply radioactive with the natural earth elements of the black volcanic rock it is made from. To be open minded, I would say there is a chance that the earth-based form of natural radiation may not be as bad as man-made radiation. There are those who believe that small amounts of natural earth-based radiation is healthy for the body. Some people put slightly radioactive rocks into their drinking water. I believe this is called the science of "Hormesis" if I am not mistaking. However, I posted this video so at least people would be educated, warned, take necessary precautions, or they can continue with their own research for a further education.

Harmful Radioactive Pendants: https://www.consumer.org.my/index.php/health/health-hazards/601-har...

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Interesting, definitely not scalar. How do you spell sucker-san. Some people should put this in  their underwear.

Hmmm well I must admit this sucker must've been hypnotized for the only time in his 75 years on this gfs planet if mere hypnotic suggestion is what would have explained the phenomenal digital (finger-, not cyber-) strength the volcanic rock manifested in his demonstration of so-called scalar energy.   The term "scalar" may or may not be correct, but the immediate and powerful physical  phenomenon was/is as real as gravity or magnetism



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