Footage from California Fire - House chipped in half, tree's still standing

Published on Jul 31, 2018

When a raging, unpredictable 'Force of Nature' forrest fire reaches a tract of suburban becomes extremely repetitive, very precise and extremely predictable. This is an exploration of one still picture. The fire damage shown is believed caused by the Carr Fire, located near Redding, CA in Shasta County. The forrest fire, turned tract home fire, turned.....samurai sword fire? DEW your research, the pictures of fires worldwide will show even more evidence of a system directing the burning...not Mother Nature. When you Cultivate Your Common Sense you'll find more and more reasons to Stay Curious.

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David Dees Fire Sale

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The west coast of the US is being burned ou by our fun loving Agenda 21 controllers.

We had 2 solid months of terrible forest fire smoke in my town in southern Oregon recently, so thick the mountains disappeared in the haze, and we were on standby for evacuation. Can you say, danger! danger! Will Robinson?

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Stop the


FIRE Documentary: Filmmaker Ron Howard to Make Camp Fire Documentary
December 18, 2018 . .

HOLLYwood the
"Wizards Stick" of media propaganda is moving into Paradise to create the false fire narrative.
We need to find out who's financing this documentary and follow the script as fire survivors are interviewed, and who is "selected" to be interviewed. We must also watch to see where the funds from this documentary go.
Remember, in Santa Rosa, a documentary was released one year after the TUBBS Fire of November 2017. This documentary was entitled "Urban Inferno - the Night Santa Rosa Burned". The profits went to the Sonoma County Community Resilience Fund, a Rockefeller and Rothschild resilience scheme to help finance the destruction, damage, and death they created.

You will not hear the truth about the FIRES in Butte County, California.

The script will most likely omit -
that PG&E is Rothschild
Directed Energy Weapons were deployed
there were Heavy Heavy Chemtrailed Skies days before the fires
Smart Meters Blew-up (WERE Blown-up)
the fires were a house to house ignition
the trees resisted the fires
the weather on demand facilitated the ideal fire conditions
Paradise is GOLD Country

Climate Action Plans were approved by the Butte County city and county boards - plans stating the county would face floods, fires, heat events, water shortages and more if CO2 emissions were not reduced. The Climate Action and Resilient, which Butte County adopted, are plans of land restrictions, energy and resource "required" reductions. In short, these United Nation Plans are CRIMINAL Plans of DEATH . . . and more.

The climate action and resilient plans have been approved in communities nationwide and worldwide.

Understand the Camp Fires, in Butte County are an active criminal crime scene and the perpetrators are conducting the investigations that the media will advance as the cause.

Will your town of deliberate destruction be the next Hollywood Documentary?


Howard is conducting interviews for his project, and is expected to return several times.

Academy Award Winning Filmmaker and Actor Ron Howard is working on a documentary in Butte County on the Camp Fire.
Howard has been meeting with Paradise Firefighters,School Officials, Teachers and Students.
He also dined at Unwined and enjoyed some of the "Resilience" beer brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, to benefit Camp Fire recovery.
Paradise Schools Superintendent Michelle John described her visit with Howard as "fabulous", and said there were both light-hearted moments and serious moments.
Howard told Paradise Post Managing Editor Rick Silva that his mother-in-law used to live in Paradise and that he has relatives in Redding.
He also said his vision is to follow what happens in the coming year and that the documentary would be released after that.
Howard is tentatively calling it "Believe in Paradise".

California House Catching Fire Full Video Paradise Camp Fire


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