Reading that devastating storm Irma with the same track as Luis will mow us down in the Northern Leewards. Let's see if I are Ma,or if it's err Ma.

The Weather Underground blog is lighting up with this new storm set to hit the area where I live. For those who may not be informed on my anomalies, check out the blog And for my friends who are aware of the situation, here we go again! 

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Right now, two storms could get named Irma: a storm off the US east coast and 93L, the one threatening the islands which is mentioned above. Keep up with them in the comments section of Category 6, the wundergroung blog.  These bloggers are familiar with meteorology.

Excerpts on 93L:

Best of Luck with it guys!

Keep us posted..

Holly shit

NEW - BIG CAT 5 to form in Atlantic -

NEW - BIG CAT 5 to form in Atlantic -

A Cat Brown told us - IRMA is on her way - better listen up people, it's not over till the fat lady…

Just keeps getting worse.

Although this video has Irma going north of the islands, there are two completely divergent forecast models, the Euro and the GFS. The GFS has it missing the islands and heading for the East coast, but the Euro has it hitting Guadeloupe and then coming up behind us here in St. Maarten, towards the GOM. So far this year, the Euro has been more reliable. 

Boy,Cat this is a Giant and it is moving like it's on an etch-a-scetch tablet. It's anyone's guess where exactly this storm will make landfall. It is 3 more mths. of Hurricane season and you are sooo vulnerable this year! It appears now that Irma is heading in the NY area,nightmare! You never know though with the way hurricanes go in reverse these day's. Stay Safe and Everyone Stay Awake everything can change in a minute. Thinking of you Cat,with Prayer's coming your way.

In the name universe, check out the latest correspondence.

Since 10 years of keeping up with Bill, I noticed the last words of his videos are eerily relevant to our situation. 

Here's the link to Bill's video to see the phrase in context: 

Thinking of you Cat, stay safe mate, hope you're as prepped as you can be!

Lol Martin, I've been in St. Maarten since 1990. I can always run into the guest room with a concrete ceiling. Anyhow, with the angel dimension, events like this bring everything into focus. Either it hits here and I am disillusioned, and start thinking like a normal person, or it does the usual media poem theatrics and we dream on.

Better check these out Peeps.  Two statuses from Daniel Solis'

Huston floods and hurricane Irma are but externalities of military drills conducted by NATO in Eastern Europe.


Ample Strike 2017 - Weather modification above NATO Theater of operations. See for more:



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