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Friends, I know most of you trust the content I provide, regarding EMF/Wireless issues, in these email updates. And I know when I make wide, sweeping generalizations such as: "apartments and condominiums are no longer safe or healthy environments to live in," it may be challenging to fully embrace statements like this. Sometimes I even wonder to myself, "how can I make such definitive statements like this when reality is so variable?"

However, statements such as the one above come not from my emotional reactivity, not from my big, inflated ego, but from many years of boots on the ground experience in real time reality. Just to show you what I am talking about...

A lady called me a week ago to purchase an RF meter and wanted it shipped overnight because she was just about to make a final decision to buy an apartment in San Francisco on the 32nd floor. She even told me there was one of the new DAS (distributed antenna systems) antennas on ceiling right outside the front door of her apartment.

I tried as gently as possible to suggest that this would never be a safe environment. I suggested she look for a house. She said she already owned a house and wanted an apartment in the city to cut her commute shorter. She was obviously a high powered business person. I did my best answering her many questions, but it did not seem I could assist her very much in changing her mind.

This morning I received an email from her with the attached photos, asking my opinions about the measurements on her meter. She was showing some concern. Please see the two attached photos, one from inside her apartment, and one of the DAS antenna outside her front door.

I provided reference notes to her along with the meter so she could better understand what the exposure levels shown on the meter suggested. She was clearly aware that 2,500 microwatts per square meter (average power density) showing on the right of the meter, was 735 times higher than where some scientists suggest biological effects start.

She asked me in a second email if these readings on the meter were similar to standing near a cell tower? I said, yes they are just as high as standing near a cell tower, a cordless phone base station, a wireless internet modem or router or a microwave oven.

I received another email response from her a bit later. She decided to let that apartment go. I told her she made the right decision.

Point of email update: Apartments and condominiums, with possibly a few very rare exceptions, are no longer healthy or safe environments for human habitation. This is because of the wireless radiation exposure levels coming through the adjoining walls from neighbors using all manner of wireless devices.

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