This is priceless – Michelle Fields, a Brietbart reporter, intentionally followed Donald Trump to get security to respond. When she was stopped by security – an event she smiled all the way through (and you can clearly see all of it in the video) she was handled professionally and has no reason to complain about anything. You have GOT TO see this video and disseminate it, this slander attack about Trump backing abusers will only boost trump because THEY ARE BUSTED, the lie could not possibly be any more clear.
 If you want to see a clear representation of a propaganda slander lie, there has never been anything better than this.

In order to force security to respond, Michelle made the critical mistake of following Trump closely, which kept her in the cameras the entire time. Most camera angles obscure what happened behind bodies, but there were too many cameras at the rally and video from one surfaced that got a perfectly clear shot of all of it, including her facial expressions, how she was handled, how she followed Trump to trigger a security response, EVERYTHING which proves she invented the assault and filed a false police report.

This video loads directly from this web site and not from Youtube. This means you can save it and re-post it at will. This video captures all the media manipulations and amounts to media suicide, ARCHIVE AND POST!

VIDEO: Trump security gets framed by liar

If you did not watch that video, click it to see what Michelle calls, in this video, “the worst thing that happened in her life, aside from her father’s death”. You should not skip this one!

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