Well, these are indeed pretty amazing.  Get ready to hear a lot about people's bodies!  I received a bunch of testimonials from the Restore staff (see my posts on Dr. Zach Bush, and please note that Restore is now in stock at AvatarProducts.com); I have made them into a pdf and cleaned up punctuation a bit and also removed identities/names.  Read the testimonials here and listen to the podcast I did with Sage of Quay on soil biome and Restore here.


My son [age 3], has autism spectrum disorder. Along with his developmental delays, social impairments, and sensory issues, he has also had gut troubles. His body has gone back and forth between extreme diarrhea and extreme constipation since birth. I heard positive results [about] Restore and decided to give it a try. Not only did my son's [digestion] completely balance out within two weeks, but he also went from being nonverbal to reciting his ABC's and numbers (1 to 100), singing full songs, and saying up to 3 words sentences in conversations with me and other close adults. I am in awe of what Restore has done for my son and had to seek out an area to write out a testimonial so others could benefit. Thank you, Restore! 


Restore for Gut MicrobiomeIt's been a month since I've been using this product. I'm 47 and would wake up every day with pain in different areas of my body. Someone told me if you’re gluten intolerant that could be the problem. So figured I would give Restore a try and haven't had any pain since! 


I cannot even begin to describe what a difference this product has made for me in just the last 5 days since starting. I have autoimmune disease, struggle with abdominal discomfort all day every day, foggy head, forgetful, crave sweets all the time, chronic pain, and more. I am never too hopeful with anything because I've tried everything from gluten free to the elimination diet, with no improvement.  I woke up after day one and had no stomach ache, which is the first time in over 8 months. Throughout the day I noticed I wasn't wanting sugar, which is very rare for me. I am now on day 5 and have noticed I am more regular, but definitely not rushing to the bathroom, I am not in horrible pain all day. I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to see how I am doing in another week or month. 

- See more at: http://www.aboutthesky.com/smallstorm-blog#sthash.8bLL6sJ6.dpuf

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Friends, just received this response back from a friend on this email list who starting using the Restore:

"Thank you so much for info about Restore. I started using it a week ago. So far I notice pain in the digestive system is gone...more results to come. Hope I can fix my leaky gut and candida problems, I have had since the medical doctors put me on antibiotics non stop for 10 years...and killed my digestion and immune system....starting at age 4...so much for medical doctors. Have a great day, Neil."


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