Finding it very hard to believe he died from the flu!

3:43 PM PT -- The medical examiners office has received Prince's body and will perform an autopsy Friday.  

12:25 PM PT -- The Sheriff's department says Prince was found in an elevator at Paisley Park. They performed CPR, but were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead on the scene at 10:07 AM Central Time.

11:27 AM PST -- The Carver County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ they are now investigating the circumstances of Prince's death. At this time, there are no signs of foul play.

The artist known as Prince has died ... TMZ has learned. He was 57. 

Prince's body was discovered at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early Thursday morning.

Multiple sources connected to the singer confirmed he had passed. We've obtained the emergency dispatch call for a "male down, not breathing."


The singer -- full name Prince Rogers Nelson -- had a medical emergency on April 15th that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Illinois. But he appeared at a concert the next day to assure his fans he was okay. His people told TMZ he was battling the flu.

At the show, Prince prophetically told the crowd, "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers."

Prior to his most recent appearance however, Prince had cancelled two shows due to health concerns. 

Prince became an international superstar in 1982 after his breakthrough album "1999."


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What a shock! Gosh, there goes a part of my youth. I saw him in concert at Wembley once. Phenomenal artist. And he was awake. Does make one wonder if there was something else to his death...RIP great purple one.

Illuminati Blood Sacrifice signature written all over his death. Such a tragic shame. RIP

Sad. These people have all the money in the world for the best health cures, best foods, private jets; you're right Jodi.

Thing is he became a Jehovas Witness in his later years, so medical stuff was out of the question, which brings up the question about the percocet overdose.

I have been given to understand by U.S. contact that Prince was murdered by  something like a laser beamed into his heart.   Same death for Michael Jackson.

I haven't looked it up, but I'm pretty sure that only applies to blood transfusions and organ transplants ?

Prince Talks About The Illuminati & Chemtrails (2011)

Thanks renate! I've shared it and hope many more watch it.


Prince was treated for a drug overdose 6 days before his death ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... Prince's private jet made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois last Friday, hours after he performed in Atlanta. At the time his reps said he was battling the flu ... something we questioned because his plane was only 48 minutes from home before the unscheduled landing.

Multiple sources in Moline tell us, Prince was rushed to a hospital and doctors gave him a "save shot" ... typically administered to counteract the effects of an opiate.

Our sources further say doctors advised Prince to stay in the hospital for 24 hours. His people demanded a private room, and when they were told that wasn't possible ... Prince and co. decided to bail. The singer was released 3 hours after arriving and flew home.

We're told when Prince left he "was not doing well."

We know authorities in Minnesota are trying to get the hospital records from Moline to help determine cause of death.

We have made more than a dozen attempts to reach Prince's reps for comment, but they went radio silent.


Thanks for the update, Nym.

Prince with Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese

from 2009


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