Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with Thomas Meyer from The Solari Report on Vimeo.

Last Monday I (Catherine Austin Fitts) left Lake Constance and took the train to Basel to spend the day with the ever fascinating, ever inspiring Thomas H. Meyer, founder of Perseus Publishing and publisher of The Present Age. I am a faithful subscriber.

Thomas and I sat in his sun filled office surrounded by books and art and discussed Rudolf Steiner’s advice for our present age. Steiner says that now is the time when we must understand and confront evil. But how? What can one person do? These are some of the most important questions that you and I are grappling with today as violence and hubris grow.

Special thanks to Thomas for a day of such rich insight: over lunch, in his office, overlooking Basel from the terrace of his beautiful home and then as he escorted me to the train station where I made a new discovery about Basel, BIS & Bitcoin.

Listen to the full interview at Solari Report -

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I understand, Evil is relative, like everything else.

But what good is knowing that unless I can do something about it?

Right now Evil is a lust for power and control over other people. infinitum..

So: Refuse Control=Remove Power=Neutralise Evil

Or...You can't be on the team and not play the game. 

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. Betty Reese.

Not playing the game is very effective, no rules to follow, no Evil Referee, and when the players drop the ball and get a penalty, you're still free... inside our own fences me thinks

I'd like to ignore what is happening around me (the game), but I've that slumber to long mate.


On Evil and to Live.Opposites,I had to simplify in my mind when understanding began flooding the emptiness. Evil is holding on to Past,to Live is to move forward in Life,Growth! Evil reversed is live and Live reversed is Evil. My simple mind accepted this and many complex misunderstood entanglements became clear. All evil today is an attempt to contain and continue Status Quo. New Technology is the Weapon.

Right on Janie!

How nice of you to tell us all about your family John, quite a few skeletons in your closet, in fact I had a hard time keeping up!

And the bloody narrator needs some elocution lessons....very worth watching tho..

My turn then:

 Sir William Paterson--Founded The Bank of England.

So I suppose I should like Bankers..well I would if he had left me any money!

Preceded you lot by a fair margin tho! But yes..I concede you own it now.

Could I interest you in this little investment scheme I have? See this little contract here... No?

Well maybe you have got a nice cushy job for me....Boss?   Pleeease?

Thank You,John. This video explains exactly the determination to retain the Status Quo, Evil at its birth to today. We cannot decide(well I suppose we do) what Family we are born into but we can do what we can to change that which we can. I am certain that you are on the Path to change,why else would you share such information?
The Rothschild Family are Not The Royals on this Planet Earth.This Family is totally irresponsible to the Life and Resources on this Planet Earth. There comes with Rulership, the ability to respond to the needs of the holdings of such Rulers,Royal's.Responsibility has Not been established in Any form to Any Life other than Rothschild or Rothschild Heirs or Associates that work in conjunction for Rothschild Holding's. Status Quo is The Rothschild Mantra and Total Misery and Destruction is the threat if The Rothschild Dynasty cannot maintain their Self Entitlement. Cash Holdings does not Rule although it can and does inflict Evil and Harm in its wake where Ever Status Quo is Threatened. Today is a New Day and a New Promise, The Human Family and Other's will be initiating a New Response in the Ability to Help where Help is needed and Change where Change can be Effected.
I feel the need to expand and correct. Today is the New Day and comes with a New Promise. The Human Family and Other's Are initiating a New Response in the Ability to Help where Help is needed and Change where Change can be Effected.

For those Being's Awakened a New Opportunity has been undertaken,it is apparent more and more. When looking at Current Event's it is not difficult to witness the Status Quo being challenged like never before.

Find that Place where Silence Dwell's(the Heart)and Be There in Prayer and Meditation. This is where we are united and Source can hear and we can Receive.


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