Friends, a quick 'continuing education' update so you are able to assist yourself and others with this information.

Here is a website selling 'air tube' headsets for use with cell phones. Air tube headsets use a hollow tube to go into the ears from the cell phone, which drastically reduces the amount of radiation going into a person's head and brain. Normal headsets use a metal wire going all the way into the ear buds and this allows radiation from the phone to travel through the metal wires all the way into the head and brain.

Do air tube headsets work? Yes they do. Do they cut down the radiation reaching the head and brain? Yes they do. They are an improvement over holding a phone to one's head or using a regular headset with wires.

However, here is the lesson to be learned. When a person connects a call on a cell phone, I can stand 15 to 30 feet away and EASILY measure the radiation from the cell phone on my microwave meter! What this means is that although a person is using a headset, the reduction in radiation is only relative, because they are still being exposed to the radiation coming off the phone when the phone is only 2 or 3 feet away.

Although this information may not appear very profound, it is still relevant and important for your education so you can assist others who are waking up to the dangers of wireless radiation.

Click on this link to the company website. Scroll down and watch the 3rd video. Watch the animation of the microwave meter showing high levels when near the cell phone, then dropping to nothing near the headset. Brilliant advertising! A pure lie and only symbolic animation, not reality! If I put my microwave meter near the cell phone it would be measuring extremely high radiation, as I moved the meter away from the phone to the end of the head set ear buds, the radiation measurements would indeed drop a bit, but I would still be picking up on the radiation from the actual phone at that distance. Is radiation traveling through the air tube headset? No, it is not. So it is a good product. But not in the way they presented it wrongly showing no radiation!

Moral of the story? If you or your kids are going to use a cell phone, YES! put the phone on speakerphone and get it away from your head. Or use an air tube headset. But all of this is only relative in terms of using a highly toxic, synthetic technology that is quickly assimilating humanity.

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