Samoa recalls vaccines after child deaths: "Those Responsible Will Be Made To Answer"

The head of the Ministry of Health in Samoa has ordered the immediate recall of all measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines after the deaths of two one-year-olds.
By Michael Morrah, Newshub Staff, 10 July 2018
The children were given the MMR vaccine on Friday at Safotu Hospital on the island of Savai'i. However within minutes they were dead. One child was allegedly immunised without the mother's consent - and despite her protesting.
Health Ministry CEO Dr Take Naseri says a full investigation is underway into the deaths. All MMR vaccines in Samoa have been ordered to be seized and the staff involved have been stood down, TV1 Samoa reports.
Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Dr Sailele Malielegaoi says he is waiting to be fully briefed on the situation.
"I have called a full inquiry into the circumstances leading up to this devastating incident which I do not take lightly," he told media.
"There are already processes that will determine if negligence is a factor. And if so, rest assured those processes will be implemented to the letter to ensure that such tragic [deaths] will not be repeated and those responsible will be made to answer."

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I sadly believe that "those responsible"are beyond their reach.Laws are for the little people in this brave new world.Drumpf was full of sound and fury re:vaccine safety,during the campaign but has since gone silent.Our government now is focused almost entirely on corporate profitability.Hell.US recently went on the record at the UN World Health Assembly(as I recall) opposing breastfeeding of infants as we must protect the manufacturers of infant formulas.

They say no worry safe here in nz well we will see how many children have later in life defects from pharmic how nice.I have defects from birth 1957 bone out of place in nose which causes me hard to pronounce speech,deaf in left ear from drugs adminised in the 50s for woman.  

So sad about the two babies, but this is not even the tip of the iceberg with the vaccine deaths, and  SIDS that is linked to it as well, but worse still these children carry so many toxins in their body that will cause much harm even if they survive the early years, and the vaccine amounts is really a criminal offence on their small bodies, I understand its now over 60 plus doses in the Three-in-0ne, and the 5-in -one, and these are also given as boosters as well as all the other single shots...between the age of 3 months to 18 years...When you really give it some thought, it is not just about making billions, its also about shortening the lifespan of humans..and this does not even count the millions that suffer vaccine damage. If only parents would look up the ingredients. That alone would make them really think! But truth be know, the vast majority never question their Doctor, who is actually been working for the big Pharma industry since he went to medical school to be trained. Because they also fund the Medical schools, so indoctrination starts early.

So true Jennifer'The bribes come early for doctors.My first year in med school we all received fully outfitted leather doctors' bag complete with our initials.Other gifts appeared in following years.The chain of love ended for me after graduation as I trained for pathology,not a prescribing

Interesting George, and one only needs to glance around a local medical center and in the doctor's room to see pharmaceutical industry logos and promotional materials everywhere...

Well said Jennifer ...  for decades the medical profession has been firmly ensconced as a sacred cow ( considered to be exempt from criticism or questioning .) When we dare to be proactive, or do diligent research, critically think for ourselves, all hell can break loose as you know. It has been a long and slow process for me to shed the conditioning I've had since childhood, and I continue to learn so much every day.

I've recently been watching The Archie Tapes-Uncut and Uncensored made when Dr Archivides ( Archie ) Kalokerinos  was elderly, but very much still of sound mind, when visiting the US. The hostility shown towards him by members of his own profession was and is ( even after his death ) deplorable.They prefer to risk loss of children's lives, rather than risk the status quo being undermined in any way.

When we see Dr Lance O'Sullivan as front page news promoting mandatory vaccinations, sadly nothing has changed. I just hope and pray that the tragic deaths in Samoa being in the mainstream news gives more parents an incentive to look at the vaccine inserts for a start!

I can only begin to imagine the pressure being put on the Health Ministry people in Samoa right now to smooth over any damage done to the credibility of big pharma and the monopoly they have over the medical profession.

1 minute vid on the subject ,the samoa prime minister is taking it serious as a heartattack as his grandson was rendered unable to speak after his mmr shot

Still I see this entire story has not been mentioned on the Stuff website, as far as I can see? I’ve spotted nothing in the Chch Press, why is that? Too much revenue to lose from upsetting advertisers? How long can they go on ignoring this story?

Yep the story appears to have been whitewashed so far...

Then Cats posted this in chat

cats pajamas MSM doing damage control

No surprise there...( I'm getting so cynical these days! )

Our friend Jim Lee of likes to use this quote " Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, " ( George Santayana ?) and it keeps going around in my head when I think about the vaccinations issue.

Since I purchased my own copy of Dr Suzanne Humphries' and Roman Bystrianyk's brilliant book " Dissolving Illusions -Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History " and have been learning about the history in depth, my understanding has become so much clearer.

That quote attributed to George Santayana is so true! No wonder true and accurate history appears to be an extinct subject  for study in educational institutions.

So bloody angry.

Doctor Who Lost 6 Mo. Old Child To Vaccine Poisoning Speaks Out


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