Scotland firefighter resigns in protest to 9/11 cover up

Attached is a press release about the courageous stance just taken by veteran firefighter Brian Maxwell in Scotland.  Brian has just resigned from being a 15 year veteran firefighter with the Edinburgh Fire Department in Scotland.  He has resigned in protest and in disgust at the treatment he has received from his employers at the Edinbugh Fire Department and from Scotland Police.  Brian became aware of major problems with the 9/11 story and as such he featured in the recently released documentary 'Incontrovertible' which is now a very widely viewed film about the truth of 9/11 specifically from the testimonies of firefighters, police officers, and military officers.  Brian raised concerns with his colleagues in the fire department based around the fact that if the collapse of Building 7 occurred as NIST (the official investigators) have said it did, due to simple office fires, then his firefighting colleagues are at serious personal risk from other similar buildings spontaneously collapsing (at freefall!!) in the same way from basic office fires.  However, the response from his fire department was to investigate and discipline Brian for bringing the department into disrepute.  The response from Scotland Police was to confisgate all the DVDs of the documentary which Brian had sent to police officers.

Brian felt he had no choice but to resign on conscience due to the response he received.  It is extremely unfortunate and unfair that someone like Brian has to give away his job and his livelihood like this just because he speaks the truth and raises concerns for his fellow firefighters, 343 of whom died on 9/11.  But great credit to him for the courageous stance he has taken.  There are not many people around who are prepared to take such actions.  We are now spreading Brian's story as widely as possible to help raise some profile from his brave stance.

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