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You can see clearly here that the media is driven especially the last remark the news guy said "You know what i think revolting you".

Piers Morgan has the most punchable face in the UK

Name-calling ("white supremacist" hate language) is always a sign of emotion and not thinking. Not impressive. Touching anything about the two world wars in the UK with less than a respectful disagreement is dicey. I lived in England for a few years and observed how locked into the past the British midlife and oldsters are. That Churchill's and the Round Table's role in WW2 was not how it is presented goes without saying . . .

The kid is being too kind.

I am not old enough to have met him but I would not trust Churchill to have been anything better than a demon.

History is written by victors" may itself be an example of history written by the losers! While the quote is commonly misattributed to Winston Churchill, it's origins are unknown and it might be inspired by Hermann Göring's quote:

We will go down in history either as the world's greatest statesmen or its worst villains.


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