Yesterday, a workmate shoed me one of those local papers that essentially fanctions as a City Council propaganda piece. Can't remember which one. On the front page was an article about a lady living somewhere on the Hills who found a drone peering through her window a 7am, but when she went to get a camera for evidence it took off.

Now, about 3 or 4 pages in was another article about the CCC purchasing a fleet of drones for surveying and mapping around difficult access areas (such as hills and slopes) one of these drones came with a $50K price tag! 

Being a conspiracy theorist of the most suspicious sort, it occurred to me that the two stories might be connected and it might have been a CCC drone that the women saw. I made a mental note to follow up online, but both stories seem to have vanished despite my using several word combination searches!

If these stories sound familiar to anyone or have any leads, please let me know either here or by PM.


Martin H

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had a look myself too mate. Nada!

Strange huh? The disappearance of both these stories makes me more suspicious than ever!

Hi Martin - try this link to the Bay Harbour News, June 27th 2018:
That is a story of a Scarborough woman who spotted a drone hovering outside her house.
I saw/read the article at the time thinking it was a bit close to home. My mother had seen a night drone about the same time on Mt Pleasant, rise up and over her house at speed at about 7.30pm one night.

Interesting Mark and thanks. may be related, but the story I read was from last week and definitely new! The sighting was in the am in that case not pm. I'll keep that link for reference though, cheers!

Good luck ... our council is undoubtedly corrupted - not necessarily at the councillor level (but not ruling it out) - certainly at the various permanent administrative levels. If you can shine light in their dark little corners go for it I say!

Corruption and City Councils seem to go hand in hand. All out to feather their own nests at Ratepayer expense. I mean, FIFTY GRAND for single drone! Someone got a nifty toy under the pathetic excuse of "surveying", didn't they?

If they were also using it for peeping Tom activity then no wonder the story dried up!

I'll keep chipping away at this one, the info is out there. Maybe I'll knock on the Council's internet door....

G and I witnessed a car sized drone over Golden Bay, this thing was without a doubt scanning the area and became aware of us when we used the camera flash to get it's attention. It had been surveilling for 10 mins and then shot off like a wounded bull - FAST, over the hills and gone toward Nelson.  

My question at the time was who has the technology and funding to have a vehicle like that just hovering over a small rural area.If anyone reading this has any answers ideas on that one, drop us a line.

Drone taxies are being tested in the South Island - Sarah sent me this link after the event.

All sorts of technology is floating around in our skies and especially on the east coast between Kaikoura and Christchurch.

Eyes up and thanks for the post.


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