This is what some of us are getting hit with.  But its both infrasound AND ultrasound.  This is also how they have been causing suicides for many decades. 

Infrasound Stress Inducing Weapons: Ultrasound and electromagnetic fields elevate cortisol. Cortisol elevates copper and norepinephrine and decreases dopamine and zinc. Elevated norepinephrine increases risk of suicide.

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I feel like i,am been zapped now with the chem weather muggy weather and flys foxton beach.

When your feeling like that Michael - turn off the wifi and ALWAYS turn off the wifry at night. This is when it is it's most dangerous to you and your family.

The Bastards!

The idea of Facebook being able to read minds may sound like a science-fiction fantasy - and potentially the ultimate privacy nightmare. But the job advertisements are not the first clue that the company wants to make it a reality.

The only wifi that is here is the powerbox which i,am not aloud to change smart meter and it bugs me.

I was just told I need to join to comment here & I'm logged in! Getting the weirdest & very frequent messages now everywhere I go saying I don't have access & variations of that. Couldn't comment on my own YT channel either.  I'm very sure the control on info on the net is being tightened.

Anyway, Michael, you can change your meter preferences. You just change providers. Go find one that will remove the chip. Vote with your feet. For more current advice to to stopsmartmetersnz site. Very helpful & up with the play.

That's because you have become the threat Danielle. Your website is EXCELLENT and all the other work you do will get you noticed by John Keys digital henchmen.

Take Danielle's advice on the smart meter - you have NO LEGAL obligation to keep it.

Thank you Rose. In fact this started just after I shared Doreen's link to Dahboo's video on FB security watching 'you'. I've dropped it all now because I'm really not sure how correct it is. Some saying it's a psyop. It's messy anyway so took my hands right off it. 

get caught every other day - develops discernment


Yep Danielle its the thought police.I got hammered with it last week, my posts got deleted and had all sorts of telecommunication malfunctions.

We must be doing something right

Truth CP. A good reality check here   Thank you


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