Up to six intact bodies can be seen in new video footage from inside Pike River Mine, the wife of a man who died in the 2010 explosion has revealed. 

"There are a number of bodies, we're talking probably four, five, six at the moment, we're still going through footage, but at the request of the families at this stage we're not going to release those," Anna Osborne told The AM Show. 

"But there are definitely loved ones' bodies fully intact."

Ms Osborne lost her husband Milton in the disaster.

She says it's more than enough evidence for a manned re-entry into the mine.


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Funny how this get released (though it was no suprise) after the big burned offering in the UK.

Someone once told me "There's no such thing as coincidence"

Get em out, get em home and hold all responsible for their actions....foremost John Key!

Going to be interesting now to see the response. HOw can they worm out of this one? They'll try though. Criminals. This will be an emotional time for those families. Just seeing the video even. Least will bring closure for them.


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