She healed stage 4 melanoma in 1985 with alternative therapies

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 I found this to be an excellent interview that will inspire , something for everyone here and very positive information.
Published on Mar 6, 2015

Links from the interview at:
Click Show More for the full Show Notes:
-Prudence considers suicide [3:13]
-Prudence discovers alternative therapies [4:53]
-Prudence defies her doctor [6:19]
-What her husband thought about her decision to go to Mexico [7:18]
-The unbelievable thing her Australian oncologist did [8:01]
-Her experience at the Mexican clinic [8:23]
-The importance of loving your medicine [9:31]
-The tragic event that preceded her cancer [11:36]
-The alternative therapies she did in Mexico [12:42]
-The diet and lifestyle changes she adopted at home [13:09]
-The crucial point in the healing process when many people fail [14:15]
-The similarities between our protocols [15:14]
-Smuggling laetrile into Australia to get to other patients [16:47]
-Why she opposes the industries definitions of cure and remission [17:19]
-The Australian Diet vs American Diet [20:03]
-What to expect from a trip to a cancer clinic. What they can and cannot do [20:51]
-What she believes clinics are really good at (besides the therapies) [22:26]
-What has to happen after the clinic [23:02]
-You can never go "back to normal" [27:28]
-Emotional health creates or destroys physical health [28:21]
-How to live a life of mindfulness. [28:53]
-What cancer patients need to know [33:33]
-Her major 'Ah Ha' moment [34:57]
-One of the most important tests for cancer patients [36:02]
-The three types of cancer patients, and which type can be helped [37:32]
-The natural healing movement is snowballing [41:33]
-Chris: One of the many things I've learned the hard way
-What healing cancer requires of you [43:53 ]
-How she helps cancer patients now [44:51]

Links and resources from the interview at:


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