Thanks Elana Freeland;

A report to UNESCO by botanist Mark Broomhall details the association between increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation and species disappearance and exodus from the Mt. Nardi area of the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Area during a 15-year period (2000-2015.) Mt. increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation and species disappearanceNardi has a tower complex, an installation of wireless antennas, that has steadily increased the electromagnetic emissions in the areas as new antennas were added over the years. The report contains a timeline of the activation of new antennas and documents the endangered birds, bats and plants that have decreased in the area. In addition, he states that from the year 2000, flying insects have been noticeably diminishing.

He estimates that 70 to 90% of the wildlife has become rare or has disappeared from the Nightcap National Park within a 2-3 km radius of the Mt. Nardi tower complex and summarized that concrete data shows:

- 3 bat species once common have become rare or gone
- 11 threatened and endangered bird species are gone
- 11 migratory bird species are gone
- 86 bird species are demonstrating unnatural behaviours
- 66 once common bird species are now rare or gone"

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Shocking.. and some of us have seen this closer to home in our own back yards. No aphids here this year and we are continually told there is a species extinction of unprecedented amount happening world wide..A WORLD WIDE EVENT.

 Thank you Mike Broomhall, I wonder if any thing has survived the last two years since the survey any where.

It is time  calculate just what frequency lies over the Waitakari Ranges Kauri

Kauri headed for extinction, scientist warns

New Zealand kauri are now headed for extinction because of public apathy and stupidity, a prominent scientist says.

Peter de Lange chairs the New Zealand panel that decides which species should go on the IUCN red list, the international list of plants facing extinction.

He said the panel had resisted putting kauri on the threatened list - until now.

But the latest data showing kauri dieback had doubled in the Waitakere Ranges in five years left it little choice, Dr de Lange said.

"I can tell you now, because of the rate of decline that's been mapped and because we have good data, that kauri is now being listed as a threatened species," he said.

Plant kale and stand back - the aphids should soon appear. I battled them all winter.

Edit: I'm not saying emf, CELL towers etc have no impact on all living cells.


“It is evident that pulsed microwaves are particularly toxic.

It should be considered a National Emergency that this Matter of National Significance is protected immediately.”

“With these short explanations of events we can appreciate that the effects of this technology and its application on Mt. Nardi over the last fifteen years, affect not only the top of the life chain species but they are devastating the fabric of the continuity of the World Heritage, causing genetic deterioration in an insidious, massive and ever escalating scale. To truly understand what these studies reveal is to stare into the abyss.” 

They have every reason to calculate the amount of EMF over those Kauri now.

I transplanted more kauri seeds and seedlings around home again this last winter and the full grown ones in nearby native at the back of my property seem to be flourishing but then apart from myself they only get visits from the local wildlife. I see local iwi put a rahui on down Waitakeres but that still wont deter alota people and it won't solve the problem of chemtrails overhead and cell phone towers etc. Since Kauri, along with all the other native flora and fauna are our tupuna we should listen up good when our tupuna speak to us, in this case telling us we're killing them.

What technology is the rahui going to protect from our eyes is my question.

Reply from Peter du Lange after sending him the Mt Nardi report yesterday.

Peter de Lange chairs the New Zealand panel that decides which species should go on the IUCN red list, the international list of plants facing extinction.

Hi Sarah,

Alas this is not my area of expertise sorry,


Peter J. de Lange

Sad. Geoengineering particulates in the atmosphere, being EMFed on a regular basis, must help fry vegetation too, make it also vulnerable to fungi and primed for bush fires. DNA begins to shut down and go into survival mode. Eventually it can be too much for the plant and it dies. Guess something similar happens to animals and insects who will naturally move away from the area if they can. Or they wont thrive and survive and keep breeding. All very sad.

I agree with you on that Fiona, Kauri die back is touted as a fungal disease however all the shoe wiping and disinfecting in he world wont stop its spread if the major factor not even considered is the plants are weakened and vulnerable from widespread toxic particulate fall-out.

We have a fungus here Killing the trees, beginning with the pines.  Parts of our bush look like Canadas tree die off down here in the south. This fungus strangely appeared last year (during the lakes from the sky season) and this fungus appeared in our tiny valley first.  I can not find any info via google, even though this event was reported in the local papers.

We have a rust killing the garlic (before harvest) and my late leeks.  This is suddenly prolific all over the bay, and came during the military exercise - it's been on the ground for a 3 weeks.  Everyone is gutted to be loosing their usually reliable crops.

Don't buy the 'natural' extinction event before looking at the external technologies being DEPLOYED.

Sorry to hear that Rose. In general vegetation up here looks better than it did in 2015 when I came over here. back then every leaf had singed edges on it. 

In saying that we had 29 deg here yesterday and I have never experienced such a burn on the skin before. Sun very intense - way worse than 40deg in Melbourne - scary!!

Wow, I thought of you today Fiona - I would like to contact you directly. Perhaps you can leave your number for me to call (private email) regarding detoxing.  I have some new information.

I thought of you with this heat wave and wondered how the Aussies got on in 40 degree weather, was just speaking to G about that - and you answered my question.

re the garlic rust - yep, its reached our valley so we have harvested two weeks early.  I'm pleased to say mine is still beautiful at the bulb, and after talking to Wally, will bury the garlic and leek stalks instead of recomposting.


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