Shrinkflation" - How Food Companies Implement Massive Price Hikes Without You Ever Noticing"

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Do you ever get the sense that your favorite steak at that Quick Service Restaurant of your choice keeps getting thinner and thinner all while your check size at the end of the night continues getting larger and larger.  Well, it is.  How else are publicly traded chains going to continue to deliver margin growth to wall street in the midst of rising labor costs, rising commodity costs and shrinking customer traffic?

As a new study in the U.K. just revealed, shrinking portion sizes among food manufacturers is actually way more common than you might think and you probably never even noticed it.  In fact, according to data from the Office for National Statistics, over 2,500 consumer products in the U.K. shrunk in size over the past five years despite being sold for the same price 

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Jack responded to this on email:

 There was a similar one to this in The New Zealand Herald and Bay of Plenty Times today about this “shrinkflation” in grocery items here in NZ as well.
Although they didn’t mention it in these articles, or mention it in this one either – the REAL REASON big business shrinks the size of their products during HYPERINFLATION, as they are now, is that if they kept the sizes of their products the same and only increased the prices dramatically to compensate, this would reveal the true very high inflation rate, which would then show up as a massive increase in the Consumer Price Index, which in turn would force the unions to claim much bigger pay rises and worse, force the Government to dramatically increase all government department salaries, welfare benefits, and age pensions. One of the most notable changes in size of products made to deceive the masses of this hyperinflation of the currency is the size of a cake of Lux or Palmolive soap which about 5 years ago was reduced from 150 grams to now 85 grams or nearly half the size over night, and into the bargain they put a bend into it to make it deceptively look bigger than it really is!
By the time they’re finished, we will end up paying $3 for a cake of soap less than the size of a postage stamp!
Its very clever really and is the result of collusion between corrupt governments, the international banks and big business behind the scenes, and is the primary reason why those on fixed incomes and pensions are, almost over night, in every country, being turned into literal serfs and paupers wondering why they have so little money left to spend on basics, while the slippery bankers’ and governments’ advertise the inflation rate so low, but in reality it is only about 10% of the true rate. Of course, what is happening is global.

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The best priced Soap: Zero Dollars. 

When they rip you off by reducing the volume of already crap products you have a major incentive to make it yourself-as we all used to do not that many years ago-if you really have to have it, like FOOD.

Then you can leave out the poison, and work less (for somebody else).

Soap IS poison so you can throw that away, along with ALL other "Hygiene" and "Cleaning" products.

Check out the size of the paper bags at grocery stores in the u.s., they are shorter by three to four inches. Another method of mirrors and smoke to make it appear the same amount is being purchased. Good for trees though to put a positive note on that fact

Don't mess with my chocolate bar!!


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