HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I interview Sister Keri Burnor about her story and military grade Nano that is infecting all of us. Short bio: ..."Sister Keri Burnor spent many years as a nun serving peacefully within the Catholic Church; that is, until she was sexually assaulted by Church Clergy. After that experience, her search for justice and truth put her face to face with some of the highest powers in the world today, but not necessarily in a good way. Her intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Roman Catholic Church and the evils that are hidden and covered up therein on a regular basis have become the very thing that has caused Burnor's life to be in jeopardy." for more info go to: https://www.clergyvictim.com/history....

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listened this afternoon to this. Mind blowing info! Thanks Rose.

thanks Danielle... if they will do this to a nun...

yes! And she is so matter of fact & onto it! amazing

Didn't have time to watch vid, but did go to her website and look around. Here is a link to the page there revealing the nano-tech they used, the professional analysis reports. 

MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT Keri, aka Nectaria Burnor http://clergyvictim.com/military_nanotech.html  

 Reprehensible!!! But, like she once told the monks... "Don't piss me off." What a warrior!

Somehow I missed this post at the time it was shared, but tonight stumbled on one of Keri Burnor's videos on you tube, and find her very candid and courageous approach refreshing...the video I've just viewed is here


Will listen to above video when I can..thanks for sharing Rose.


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