Many people no longer use Skype, especially not for matters of importance.

Although, many of us have still got it to communicate it with people that we know from the "normal" world.

I have been advised that within New Zealand, Skype communications are beginning to be shut down - and this is from within the country. And it will only get worse if left unchallenged READ unacknowledged.

There are certain people that I can no longer connect a call with, but can type to. And I'm not the only one, Maxine.

What I have been told is that anyone who begins to experience this needs to report it or anything similar to their Internet Service Providers.

The intelligence agencies are expecting we will all have a cry at Skype - but that's a misdirection effort.

These actions are illegal WITHOUT A COURT ORDER and we can fight back by hitting up the ISP's (Vodafone, 'Spark', et al).

By registering the fact that the origin of such issues are with the ISP's at the unlawful direction of hapless little spooks we can stop this matter from getting any worse.

This is what I have been told. And so if you experience and difficulties do your bit towards the effor to keep our communication line options open and register the fact that something is awry and needs to be looked into.

Over and out.

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Hardly ever use it these days, but funnily enough I had a need to Skype someone yesterday, but was informed that video wasn't available. So I switched to another device using an older version of Skype, no problem!

Seems no matter what you do, someone's watching you, or listening to you.

If Skype services are being shut down though, wouldn't it disadvantage the spooks? Surely it's one more tool in their arsenal?

CHeers WUK - have disconnected from Skype myself knowing it was being used as a survellience tool.

Have folk cottoned on to KimDotComs substitue?

U.S. Uncovers Kim Dotcom’s Self-incriminating Skype Calls

Kim Dotcom Launches Skype Competitor MegaChat

Not only skype Rose, but it seems this site was not accessible for about 2 days with an "unexplained error 500' message. Might need to save all the goodies onto a hard drive as a backup.

Working on a backups site Baza - the issue at the moment is NING wide.  Our US based platform has been sold to another corporate giant so they are switching servers.  This new corporate brander has doubled my site fee's.  You don't want to know what they sting for these platforms mate - how easy is it for them to burn books.  I want to know what formula or reason they have for doubling site fees 1st Oct.

Yes I had wondered if the group had been priced off the net when I had a

500: Unexpected Error message for two days.  I went into a bit of a panic.  So pleased to see that the one touch of reality and truth for Kiwis is back!

Thanks for the Megachat tip, Rose! I'm going to check it out as I dumped Skype way back too :D


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