SOCIETY & CULTURE Disturbing Video of Humans Being Sold Proves US Foreign Policy Has Made Slavery Mainstream Again

Last week, CNN published a report detailing the slave trade occurring in present-day Libya.

Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times Media

Last week, CNN published a report detailing the slave trade occurring in present-day Libya. While it’s easy to write off CNN as “fake news”, as the sitting President of the United States so infamously proclaims, a closer look into the phenomena of humans being sold at auction in the year 2017 confirms the unthinkable — slavery is mainstream again. However, CNN is not giving you the reason why people are being traded for cash, bought and sold at auction, for as little as $400.

According to the New York Times, the cause of the travesty goes all the way back to the United States’ backing of the so-called “Arab Spring,” an uprising which eventually led to the overthrow of Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Since the Arab Spring uprising of 2011 ended the brutal rule of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya’s coast has became a hub for human trafficking and smuggling. That has fueled the illegal migration crisis that Europe has been scrambling to contain since 2014.

However, the destabilized hub for slavery and terrorism that we see today is not just from the Arab spring. The Obama Administration, led by then-Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton, orchestrated Qaddafi’s overthrow. Secretary Clinton even laughed at Qaddafi’s violent death, joking with a reporter upon hearing the news he’d been assassinated, “We came, we saw, he died.”

As TFTP reported last year, declassified emails revealed that NATO killed Gaddafi to stop the Libyan creation of a gold-backed currency. It is also important to note that no matter who would have been in office, this plan would’ve been carried out as it is the standard operating procedure of US foreign policy. A gold-backed currency is a threat to the establishment who knows no party lines.

The April 2011 email, sent to Hillary Clinton by unofficial adviser and longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold,” reveals predatory Western intentions.

The Foreign Policy Journal reports:

The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered “Francophone Africa.”

Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves, estimated at “143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver,” posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency.

The email makes clear that intelligence sources indicate the impetus behind the French attack on Libya was a calculated move to consolidate greater power, using NATO as a tool for imperialist conquest, not a humanitarian intervention as the public was falsely led to believe.

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