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"Ground-based radar system" is about far more than counting objects in near-Earth orbit; it is about "net centric" lockdown beyond belief on planet Earth (C4, command, control, communications, cyberwarfare). In January 2018, Feral House will release  https://www.amazon.com/Under-Ionized-Sky-Chemt…/…/1627310533, the next phase of the chemical trails / HAARP technology. 

November 11, 2017

When Elana Freeland has discussed the “Space Fence” on Dark Journalist and elsewhere, I didn’t understand that this was the name of a new a ground-based system of S-band radars operated by the US Air Force out of the Reagan Test Site in the Marshall Islands. Its purported mission is tracking space junk to protect valuable space assets and it’s expected to become operational in 2018.

I discovered the official story about the Space Fence when I chanced upon this creepy Lockheed Martin video, that claims that it “will forever change the way we see the universe” (!)

The inauguration of the Space Fence will be just in time for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018, which seeks to increase the global dominance and “lethality” of the US military with increased funding of space-related military programs.

Air Force Secretary Heather A. Wilson told reporters last Thursday, “We are moving forward with modernization in space, so we’re increasing our lethality in all of our areas of endeavor and we are shifting to space as a warfighting domain.” She also noted that Congress has proposed to increase the budgets of such programs beyond the levels being sought by the Air Force.

So, Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka “Stars Wars” is officially back! Elana Freeland has long expressed that the Space Fence is the successor of SDI and it’s notable that its new center of operation in the Marshall Islands was recently renamed in honor of President Reagan.

There are those, like Elana Freeland and Daniel Liszt who suspect that SDI and its successor projects have been a cover for much more advanced Secret Space Programs.

This clip is directly from Lockheed Martin Videos

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Thank you Rose, I have subbed.

Elena Kapulnik of Awakening Cosmic Reality has many explanatory videos on her experiences with the Secret Space Program (SSP).    She was involved in the 20 years and back program. There are very dedicated "truthers" revealing at their own risk whatever they can find and it's becoming increasing clear that NASA is prime in hiding much of what is going on in space, just like weather channels wiping all evidence of chemtrails etc.  There is more up there than we are being told, including space stations which are being used as holding pens for humans for ghastly reasons.

Lucifer is preparing to lock down this planet for his 3.5 yrs of playing god. 

What did you sub Helana? Not Lockheed Martin Videos I hope ;)

;) NOPE   I followed the P.S. request.  


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