Rocket lab launch finally a success

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket makes it into orbit in January after lifting off from the Māhia Peninsula.

Space-launch firm Rocket Lab has opened a fancy new rocket factory in Auckland designed to build a new Electron rocket every week.

The 7500 sq m mass production site in Mount Wellington will add to Rocket Lab's existing production facility and headquarters in California.

Actor William Shatner - best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series, and also as Denny Crane in Boston Legal - officially opened the factory on Friday afternoon.

Rocket Lab plans to launch a new rocket every week.

Rocket Lab plans to launch a new rocket every week.

Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck said the company had expanded its global production, to launch an Electron rocket to orbit every week by 2020.

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New Zealands totally fucked. I try tell people, and some of them listen. Cant do much else other than point it out, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Your first sentence... just what I was thinking when I read Sarah's shared link... she was kind enough to ask me if I was sitting down before linking.

Thing is, the shit has already hit the proverbial fan but the blowback hasn't taken off yet. When that happens people will either wake the f up and listen... OR they will self destruct and accept the chip.

Gonna get fruity.

September 14 - 2016 - Gene Roddenberry Based Star Trek On Secret US Navy Space Fleet

Shatner knows. Spader knows.

NZ must be a key to the 2020 event being talked about. Whatever is happening in Antarctica must be going to be a good show,

edit: use full screen to read the text.

Thanks Nym, look forward to learning  more.

A link in that article for those that didn`t go there....

.....the intrigue doesn`t stop!

The toxic fallout from all those rocket launches is never mentioned ..


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