There is, as of this time, no way to remove the self-assembling polymer fibers inside every living thing.

The technology behind this is, most  likely, not of human origin.  This technology is currently being explored and patents exist.  An animated slide show from Harvard can be viewed here:


It seems clear that the fibers themselves are highly compatible with living tissue, especially human.  We cannot avoid them.  We cannot get rid of them.  The problem seems to be the toxic pathogens and heavy metals that are mixed in with the self assembling nano-dust.


To maintain a healthy body during these times of extreme toxicity, a basic 3 prong is recommended and should be followed as long as chemtrails are being sprayed, as long as the water, foods and medicines are toxified.

1) Remove Heavy Metals

2) Kill Pathogens - especially fungus

3) Break down biofilm


1)  Heavy Metals.

It is documented on video that the fungal network that lives inside our bodies use heavy metals as weapons against healthy tissue.  Heavy metals are present in our food, water, air, fillings in our teeth.  Of these, the air is the greatest concentration.  Each human being takes an average of 15,000 breaths per day. 


Daily baths and/or long showers....scrubbing the surface of the skin....dumps large amounts of metals.

Gwen, the Naturopath, recommends Miracle II soap and Neutralizer to amplify the cleansing power of water.

Cilantro/chlorella chelation is the other very powerful way to pull heavy metals from living tissue, including the brain, and carry it out of the body thru the urine and feces.  I do this at least twice a week.  I take two 1,000 mg tablets of chlorella 20 MINUTES BEFORE drinking a glass of cilantro (coriander - fresh) leaves run thru the blender with juice or water. 


Diatimateous earth (also called fossil flour) is reported to pull heavy metals from the body.  I have not seen the documentation on this.

Activated Charcoal is cheap and a wonderful way to pull toxins from the body.  I take some daily.  Beware, as it pulls everything it runs into...including minerals.  It is the treatment of choice for poison victims, pulling 10,000 times it's weight of toxins out of the body.  Do not take activated charcoal after eating as it will also pull valuable nutrients out of the body. Use caution but it's  a powerful tool.


Whatever you do, make up a daily routine that you can stick with that pulls heavy metals from the body.


ALso, I mix liquid iodine with the after bath moisturizer and spread it over my entire body.....some nights.

It returns the skin to a normal appearance under UV light.....tho the effect is temporary.  It also is supports thyroid function and may help minimize the effects of nuclear radiation.  The fibers seem to hate it.


2) Pathogens.

There is much research by "off the grid" doctors and scientists which identify cancer as a fungal issue.

Here's one:

I believe there is a fungal network present in all of us...and normally it's a symbiotic (friendly) relationship. However, with the heavy spraying, immune systems have been being assualted for such a long time,

they are exhausted.  In looking at various diseases, one can see how exhausted immune systems begin to stagger and disease sets in.  This is not recognized as different people manifest different diseases.

MMS is the most powerful pathogen killing medicine yet discovered. 

It is also pretty harmless, being out of the body within 15 - 60- minutes.  On heavy spray days, it's advisable to carry around an 8 ounce bottle with 8 drops of activated MMS and sip an ounce per hour.  I've been taking MMS as a maintenance dose for 5 months.  I give it to the cats, the dog and anyone else who will listen.


Gwen, the on the fence about MMS.  She realizes the need for powerful countermeasures and is now recommending H2O2 (food grade).  I use both, inhaling H2O2 at least twice a day.  There are many miracle stories surrounding the use of H2O2.  Here's a few short ones:

However, Gwen herself isn't as healthy as I'd like to see a health care professional.  It's my position that MMS is the difference.  She does everything I do....except for the cilantro chelation and the MMS.  She uses DE (PermaGuard Fossil Flour) and H2O2.  I believe in adding these to the mix, but cilantro and MMS have cured all my symptoms and left me strong and healthy for the last 5 months.


Another interesting feature of H2O2 is spraying it on your hands on, or after, heavy spray days. 


You will notice that NORMALLY three percent H2O2 has no effect on clean, healthy skin.  On heavy spray days, or days where you've been handling lots of toxic material that is entering the body, you can put a spray of H2O2 on your hands and wait for a couple of minutes.  Tiny white specks will appear where your flesh has been invaded.  It changes daily but the main area is the thumb and pointer finger.  I use this method to see how heavily I'm being hit.  On Lake Powell, when we were being hit so hard, I tried this method.  After 3-5 minutes, the palms of my hands lit up.....especially the fingertips.  It began to really hurt. Within 10 minutes it felt like someone was sticking hot needles into my fingertips and hitting the backs of my fingernails.  My fingernails hurt!  I washed it off....but the sensation was still there (to a lesser degree) the next morning.


My sister said she uses H2O2 to spray on her fingernails, as her cuticles foam.  I tried it on my fingernails and my cuticles do NOT foam.  She thought it was from bacteria.   My sister KINDA believes in chem trails but thinks they are "probably for our own good".


3)  Biofilms

This is my greatest challenge.  Cleansing biofilms is essential as that is where pathogens and heavy metals hide.  I've worked with Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with powerful results....but painful as well. My knees really hurt when I started that I backed off.  This is going to be my next area of research to kick my health up another notch.  Here are some instruction and discussion:


In summary, the 3 pronged counter attack can protect the body from the ravages we are currently witnessing.  A few things we are stuck with are ELF's and other frequencies.  Avoid them when possible.

Nuclear fallout....and the fibers themselves.


Do whatever you can to avoid exposure.

Take responsibility for your own health. 

Rotate your approach....while returning to the basics of dumping metals and killing pathogens.



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Awesome VL what an excellent post.

I have a full on 'learn all about bio films' link that Mr Wolfe sent me.

I wanted to know as much as possible before starting a Bio Film assault.

And a piece about Iodine by the man himself...


Hope you had a good break away and that things are peaceful with you.

Hi May Day!

I'm up in Paso Robles, CA visiting my sister and her hubby....who was just in a motorcycle accident a week ago. He came home from the hospital yesterday....and on his back....NOT associated with the accident were hundreds of Morgies.  The hospital said people develop bed sores within 48 hours....


Bed sores take weeks to develop.

I washed his back with miracle soap...letting it linger to pull as many toxins as possible...

then covered him in neutralizer and moisturizer...

and later nailed him with the Kleen Green.

He'd seen me use that on the dog when we were on Lake Powell....

and called it one of my "space alien products".....but was begging for it a few minutes ago.

I don't want to tell him that I could gingerly open any one of those eruptions up with a tiny needle

and pull fibers out.

He thinks the wonderul cloud formations all around the house....especially the ones with the HAARP signature...are a gift of mother nature.  Nobody remembers what the skies used to look like.

It's completely bizarre.


Good luck with the bio film cleanse.

I put mine on hold till I get home.  It caused me some joint issues....but needs to be done.



Hey V Lady, really great information and actual things we can do to protect ourselves. I was wondering if the H2O2 that you mention is the 3% or food grade? Sometimes I put in 6-8 drops of food grade h2o2 which adds oxygen to the water to structure it. I've also been giving my cats a little food grade h2o2 water (4-5 drops in 8oz of water) daily. (Food grade h2o2 should be handled with care. If it gets on me it stings and bleaches the skin for a little while-nothing permanent)

Spraying with hydrogen peroxide 3% is a good idea. I have been making colloidal silver and put that in a spray bottle and spray that on everything including my cats. Now I have a backup.

In my internet travels recently I ran into information about orgonite. It seems like there was a discussion about that a while back. V Lady, have you tried it? I've been reading that we are made up of frequencies and just heard on a Max Igan radio broadcast in his archives, that a someone cured cancer by using a frequency generator. They figured out what the frequency of cancer was and bombarded the cancer with its own frequency. The more I learn about us humans and the world around us, the more in awe I am of the whole unbelievable reality that is possible for us. And getting there may be easier than we think once we find the right door inside ourselves.

Hang in there Dr. V Lady and hang-on to your great sense of humor. Thanks for keeping us updated on your discoveries!

Peace, Wendy

Hi Wendy!   YES....YES......YES...

I use food grade H2O2 and make the transition....VERY 3%  It's getting harder and harder to MMS has been the target of some mysterious anti health representatives of....uh...something.


It's so difficult to know who is attacking us....and especially WHY are they attacking in such bizarre and convoluted ways....nonetheless.....the attack is in full swing and we gotta do what we can do

to "do no harm" and maybe help others....IF THEY WILL LET YOU.


Im at my sis' house...the same sis and her husband I went houseboating with.  I sent her Shane's letter....

saying "Thanks for the MMS idea".....of course it was HE who produced the courage to bring forth such a radical and unorthodox

(ie: non-modern western medical model of health science)

course of treatment.

Now Ed has that horrible rash on his back.....looks like Morgies to me....Kleen Green calms the itching INSTANTNLY and he seems a dab perterbed that I'm using "the dog's medicine" on HIM.  Actually....I used the human medicine on the dog.....but they don't really GET that....


So each day I continue to treat the dog....who looked like PURE HELL when they brought him to the lake. Now he looks wonderful....and I give this yellow Lab 2 drops of MMS morning and am spraying stuff on a tumor near his manly dog parts....and a strange black speckled.....something all over the skin down there...I'm using MMS spray on half and hit him with the Kleen Green also....which he comes over

and rolls over to packs such relief to the infested-looking skin.


The dog is getting healthier and stronger by the day and they just don't see it.  They don't remember the starved, tormented, exhausted creature they first presented to me. 


I gave Ed a full shower after his hospital experience....soaped him from head to toe in the Miracle Soap....and even Annie remarked on the difference in all of his skin.  As he stood there....unable to move with 3 broken ribs and a seperated shoulder....I gently worked the Miracle Soap into the hundreds of morgie like things on his back...and I could feel them begin to settle down and some of them vanished under my hands. 


AFter the shower I covered him with the neutralizer gel and moisturizer....he felt wonderful....

but more treatment is required and I'm not shoving it down anyone's throat.


Anyway....he sleeps in the recliner as it's difficult to lay down with broken I'm sleeping in his spot...and my concern is how much of this thing we are swapping.  They don't understand there is anything to swap....yet the skies are covered with trails so thick....and everyone thinks it's cloud cover.....and the humidity is high

when my hair tells me it's not high humidity at all.


So I'm sneaking around here secretly treating myself....trying not to look obvious....and when I sprayed my hands last night before shower (often I use the 3% spray on them to see where the daily infestation has taken place) and last night the webbing on my fingers foamed like crazy.  That's never been the case before.  I sprayed my whole body last night cause sometimes the IDEA of this creepy sh*t is too much to take.


Also, I've noticed when I come to a new area, the buzzing in my head falls dead silent.  THen it "catches up" to me..........I've been there since Thursday and it started buzzing again yesterday.




Off to eat some cilantro.


Thanks for the chat, Wendy....oh....YES....on the frequencies but haven't really found anything to combat them that is small......I have a necklace....I have orgonite chunks around the house....

but not sure if they are working or not.


What does your experience say?   Gonna go put on my necklace RIGHT NOW and see if the noise in my head quiets.








Great post. Thanks. I use colloidal silver each day which has H2O2 in it to boost the effectiveness of the silver. Something to do with the increased oxygen levels in the body which it creates. Bentonite - diatamaceous earth in liquid form, is used each day in combination with chlorella tablets to do a regular detox.

   Sure is a war on our health with what is being sprayed. No signs of Morgellons yet, but thick chem haze drifting down after heavy spraying which will be aluminium, barium etc. So many people here saying they are constantly tired, much more than usual, without knowing what the cause is, so they drink more coffee.

Hi Will.


Most people do not see any evidence of morgellons on themselves.  I see it on everyone.  But the time it would take to prove this ....PLUS....what benefit in showing people how they are infested? My sister expected me to bring my black light up when I visited her....but  why?  Why terrorize people ....just to be right?

Makes no sense.  Better to be seen as slightly odd than to frighten people.  And it's extremely see it in your own body when you are otherwise pretty healthy.


Sounds like you have a very solid protocal to battle these toxins.   I'm making a list of all the things I've used and continue to use....some more than others. 


More on that later,


Hi VL,

Sure is frightening. Hard to tell people about what is being sprayed, unless they are ready for it, since most people are just coping with daily life without this on top of it all. Been getting great info from Con Trail and other site posts about health tips to remove the toxins and radiation. But then reading about the self-replicating nano-particles and Morgellons in the mix makes me wonder how any health mixture would removed these, since they are designed to lodge in the body and work their evil without any way to remove them by normal means. There is the red wine and HPO2 test from Carnicom site which is a good way to self test for infestation.

   Prayer and meditation is the only other way through it; to access a higher reality where miracles and guidance can help, but not easy when the mind is so full of all the worldly stuff.


"But then reading about the self-replicating nano-particles and Morgellons in the mix makes me wonder how any health mixture would removed these, since they are designed to lodge in the body and work their evil without any way to remove them by normal means."

Will I think the important thing to remember is that even the nano tech has a biological basis.

Ask any morgie for a list of things they don't like. Or how sensitive they can be to a change in PH. Even the fibre optic suckers aren't partial to bleach.

Using a lavender essential oil soap, lemon grass if you can't stand the smell of lavender will afford you and your loved ones some protection from the biological components of chemtrails. Those that work outdoors should give some thought to adding essential oil to their baths.

Morgellons loathes lavender, for a few dollars you can take you & yours off the menu.


SHOOT, May Day...

I jes made myself a big vat of beeswax/olive oil with myrrh, oregeno and orange oil balm

and omitted the lavendar.  But the balm is a bit too may dump it back in the ole

balm pot and try again.


Thanks for the path correction....always good to hear these things again and again...


Thanks for those tips. True that nano-tech has a biological basis, so will start using lavender oil in baths etc as more good material to offset the effects. Taking sodium bicarbonate and apple cider vinegar shots each day. Also will get the food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle for lung clearing.

Solutions for toxic indoor air pollution

by Jonathan Landsman 1/12/12

(NaturalNews) Did you know the indoor air you breathe could be slowly killing you? There are literally thousands of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals that pollute the products you use - everyday! Fortunately, there are many (natural) solutions to improve your health. The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents "Is Your Home Making You Sick" with our special guest, Dr. Edward Group, CEO of Global Healing Center.

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Chemical Toxins in the Air
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In 2006, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, 150 of the chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to allergic reactions, birth trauma and defects, cancer, as well as mental health disturbances. In fact, since the early 1970's, the rates of cancer have increased - every year. Many health experts (and scientists) have related the growth of cancer to the increased use of these household chemicals. But, with the right information, you CAN make your home a pleasant, living environment.

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Tips for reducing chemicals in indoor air
Most natural healthcare experts agree that we MUST remove all the chemicals from our household cleaning products. There are plenty of good brand names to choose from in most of the major supermarkets. Plants are a great way to naturally purify indoor and outdoor air. And, remember to open your windows after a rain storm and let the sun shine though for cleaner air space.

Essential oils like, lavender, lemon-grass, and tea-tree or orange-blossom oil can be used to refresh the air. Over time, try to switch over to chemical-free, non-toxic furniture and bedding. And, always buy natural wooden furniture, NOT particle board. If you want to get fancy - invest in a good quality air purifier that employs a HEPA filter and UV & negative ion technologies for best results when cleaning your air.

This week's guest: Dr. Edward Group, CEO of Global Healing Center

Is Your Home Making You Sick with Dr. Group - Thu. Jan. 12

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Reducing your exposure to airborne environmental toxins
by Danna Norek 2/21/12

(NaturalNews) In our everyday life we are exposed to a staggering variety of environmental airborne toxins. Toxin inhalation is perhaps the most insidious form of chemical exposure since we don't really think about it. In fact, we probably don't think about it because we subconsciously assume it is an unavoidable fact of living in today's world.

There are actually many ways we can minimize our exposure to toxic fumes, sprays, particles and the like. We can minimize the damage they can do to our lungs, eyes, throat and organs once they are absorbed into our blood stream.

Fumes from Household Cleaners
Household cleaners aresome of the worst offenders when it comes to toxic fume output. Studies have been done that show levels of toxic fumes test several times higher inside most homes than in the outdoor air. This is likely due to the multiple cleaning products used in combination with air fresheners, candles, perfumes, hair spray and other chemicals sprayed into the air in most homes on a daily basis.

Products such as oven cleaners, ammonia based window cleaners, heavy duty industrial grease cutters and all-purpose and bathroom cleaners all contain chemicals in them that harm the delicate lung tissue when inhaled. Users are informed to wear protective masks around their nose and mouth when using these types of heavy duty cleaners.

The fumes and particle inhalation can result in nausea, dizziness, sneezing, uncontrollable coughing and watering eyes to name a few. This is because they use chemicals and surfactants such as benzene, bleach and volatile acids to cut through dirt and grease, all of which irritate human tissues.

You can reduce your exposure to these harsh cleaning chemicals by opting for more green options. Very hot tap water can also be used to clean a variety of surfaces in your home. Various types of vinegar, essential oils and even citrus fruit extracts or oils in a diluted solution also work well as multi-purpose cleaners.

Air Fresheners
One study showed that several commonly available air fresheners often tested high in toxic chemicals that were not even listed on the label. This included sprays, plugins, powders for carpets, fabric freshening sprays and more.

Many air fresheners can cause an itchy throat and eyes, irritated lungs, nausea, sneezing and can even instigate asthma attacks. Air fresheners are everywhere. Even if you do not use them in your own home, many public bathrooms, stores and restaurants use them heavily.

If you feel that a certain scent is aggravating your allergies or causing distress to your lungs or other tissues, simply try to minimize time spent in this environment. Ventilation will also help disperse harmful chemicals in the air and reduce their potency.

Perfumes, Hair Spray and Other Personal Care Spray Products
Perfumes are a major concern for inhaled chemical exposure since they often combine a cocktail of hundreds of chemicals to achieve their scent. Most perfumes are sprayed onto the body in a fine mist which increases the likelihood that they will be inhaled into the lungs upon dispersal.

Hair spray and other personal care items that use aerosol or fine spray for dispensation also increase risk of toxic exposure. Using pump dispensers or precision area-specific dispensers may help reduce the likelihood of inhalation. Covering or pinching your nose and closing your mouth may also help reduce exposure. However, choosing chemical-free products is the ideal choice for obvious reasons.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Danna Norek contributes to several natural health blogs and websites. You can find information on her all natural citrus body soap, 100% unscented natural soap, an all natural aluminum and chemical free deodorant, and a lemongrass, lavender and tea tree acne soap (100% sulfate and chemical free) at AuraSensory All Natural Body Care. You may also find information about general health, well being and beauty supplements at Herbal News Magazine.


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