Considering the other water associated ills currently affecting New Zealand; Over-extraction by irrigating dairy farms, dirty dairying, the “swimmable rivers’ debacle,  the last thing we need is our precious water being practically given away to overseas corporations.  Read and weep people.
And the Environment minister wants us to believe that the amount of water taken is ‘Insignificant”. The same minister who wants us to believe a scummy, dried up river bed is a swimmable river. Sickening.

Chinese company Nongfu Spring wants more NZ water

  • 14/03/2017
  • By Isobel Ewing

A Chinese company wants to buy a Bay of Plenty water bottling plant and dramatically increase its water take, and it will get the water virtually for free.

Otakiri Springs currently pays only $2003 in compliance costs each year, allowing it to take 700,000 litres a day. The consent doesn’t expire until 2026.

Now prospective owner Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water wants to increase the water take to 5 million litres a day. It’s the same aquifer where New Zealand company Oravida takes 400,000 litres a day.

Whakatane District Councillor Mike van der Boom says companies are taking a precious resource from his area and not paying a cent for it.

“We’re subsidising them to make a profit,” he says.

“We just want our water preserved, a sustainable take – what is a sustainable take? Do they know what that is? I have a lot of questions and not many answers.”

Environment Minister Nick Smith maintains his stance that charging companies to take water is ridiculous

“If parties opposite want to start imposing new taxes on the use of water, where are they going to stop? Will air be charged for next?”

But Parliament’s opposition parties are united – get water, pay a royalty.

“We do believe that commercial businesses that are taking water out of the ground for free and then making a profit out of it should pay for the use of that resource,” Greens co-leader James Shaw says.

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters also says there should be a royalty paid.

“They will pay to export it offshore, and the money will go back to the local community from where the water was extracted in the first place.”

The Overseas Investment Office is currently assessing the sale of Otakiri Springs to Nongfu Spring.

Otakiri Springs has been contacted for comment about its plans.



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Sustainable - I see the aquifers being filled up every other day with the 'sustainable' geoengineering programs that constantly hit the west coast currently.

Pam Vernon is doing some excellent work exposing the water scams.

Oh and then there is the elephant in the room


Time for another Give a little page, like the successful Awaroa Inlet beach...

Totally agree with these sentiments. A royalty should be paid on companies bottling water.

Same thing happening in all countries, we no longer own our own rivers, stream, water ways.

Sold off to other countries, this is what happened in the UK, (thanks Margret Thatcher) no we pay a steep price for all the water we use.

This is a sneaky global agenda, happening across the Globe........

Please watch our fight to save WAIKOROPUPU SPRINGS GOLDEN BAY NEW ZEALAND. There is good information here.

Water Wars


Ngati Tama seek judicial review of council over Te Waikoropupu Springs water sales

Raybon Kan: Let's drink to the wealth we've ignored Do they only send Nick Smith out to say the really absurd stuff? Or is it just a knack he has? Maybe if he announced the sky is blue, it would still tumble from his mouth like clowns from a tiny car.

They wheel out that clown to confuse the sheeple.He knoweth not life as it has long passed him by.Another corporate slave for promises of material gain.Lost souls all them!

Evian was bottling water from one of the Great Lakes for free along with nestle and Coca Cola.

guv says no-one owns the water-that includes them and bloody councils etc.It is theft without the sovereign will of the people.Taxation with no representation.BLOODY THIEVES!!!!

Earlier this year I watched the movie "Mad Max: Thunder Road". What an amazing and topical movie. "Water is the new oil" was the theme, with a corrupt warlord withholding or dishing out water as reward or punishment to the masses, while a group of women secretly hold the last seeds in existence with which to regenerate the earth. Watch it, you'll get what I mean.

I watched it late last year, I'm not a big fan of remakes, but I actually enjoyed this movie!


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