Stuff yesterday "Is it time for compulsory vaccinations?"

Is it time for compulsory vaccinations?

OPINION: Somewhere between the leading edge of scientific discovery and the right of people to decide their own medical treatment lies the fate of thousands of defenceless children.

For the last several hundred years, science and, most importantly, the medical profession have been peeling back the dark curtain of superstition, ignorance and profit-driven chicanery which directed the treatment of human illness.

Investigation, experimentation and rigorous testing has slowly replaced guesswork, witchcraft, old wives' remedies and unmitigated humbug as thinking people sought effective remedies and cures for the many ailments which invaded their lives.

So it was coming wasn't it? Really hard to read. Whore media doing the cabal's bidding.

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excellent vid Lee. Thanks 

Brilliant vid.  That dad speaks for many parents.  We must be able to decide what goes into our children's - and our - bodies.  Bravo. He should be heard much more widely.

Brilliant vid. Dad's - Calling Dr O'Sullivan. I just watched another video of Dr David O'Sullivan on youtube. Besides his ranting and raving and his disrespect for the mana of my Tupuna, (doing haka in his boots), where is his tikanga. This plastic maori certainly stuffed up lol, went on about children he had seen or had been sent to Kaitaia Hospital with pneumonia and meningitis, didn't mention anything about children being sick with M,M or R. I have seen Vaxxed on more than one occasion and I did not see any mention in the documentary in reference to pneumonia or meningitis. It referred to only the MMR vaccination and children who have developed autism following it and research that had been done and covered up by CDC. Had Dr O'Sullivan bothered to watch Vaxxed and that goes for Hillary Barry, Alison Mau and others who have not seen it, and I suspect Tom O'Conner has not too, and think they can have an opinion on it, they would have seen and heard from Dr Andrew Wakefield's own words that he was not against measles or other single vacs but the multiply vacs such as MMR. Also they would have also seen and heard "whistleblower" William Thompson's (one of the top scientists in CDC) account of his involvement in the CDC research into MMR vacs and autism and the cover up. Also where he was willing to testify to US Senate Congress on more than one occasion but CDC blocked this. 

Thanks Linda. You're right, they're very selective about what they say & manage to steer right around the real issues. Thankfully folks are waking up to their fake science.

 I've seen other comments like yours regarding trampling mana on other social media. Sounds like it was desperate measures on his part. Wonder how much they paid him to do all that. This article's feedback at stuff is replete with clearly trolls crowing about the benefits of vaccinations as they do.

So agree Jenny. It's the choice thing. This is fascist but we've seen it coming. Following on from Aus & fulfilling the agenda of the PTB. 

EPIC vid - thanks

Thanks for the heads-up Danielle, not much gets past you!

Duly copied to Uncensored!

LOL, fascist book Martin. I also saw there today that the govt/corp is subsidising councils to fluoridate the town supplies. They've pulled subsidies on community housing & done this instead. They are getting so obvious. 

When they get this obvious it's because they don't care what we want or think.

There is an agenda to be followed (a 2030 agenda I'd say).

yes absolutely Martin. Course it is. If our legal system's as corrupt as the Japanese barrister says it is then it's no wonder. 


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