Synchronicity Happens For A Reason -There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences
Have you stumbled upon an old friend? Seeing someone doing the same thing or speaking the same words as you? Or maybe experienced an accident? Are you thinking ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ or ‘I could skip accidents like this…’ Well, you shouldn’t, because every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are no coincidences and accidents — …

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Funny this should come up, I would say its my 3rd synchronicity in 3 days...

Went with a friend for a meal in am Indian Restaurant, not far from where we live, whilst enjoying our meal, he mentioned to me a Thia Restaurant that was practically on our doorstep, but hidden from sight behind a local pub.

I never knew it was there, and passed it hundreds of times without knowing it existed.

The very next day, I get taken to it for a birthday my son and Daughter in law..

I went shopping with my other daughter in law, earlier in the day after having Lunch with the family,  not my favourite past time, (shopping that is) and we are both at different ends of a line of dresses but pull out  at the same time, the same dress but in different colours.  how odd.

And today this subject of synchronicity comes up on the Contrail.......

Awesome when the 'uncanny' stuff happens, Jennifer - I agree! As I say to my boys all the time, "everything happens for a reason"


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