“The diseases caused by impure water are numerous and fatal” says an MD … Hear what 50+ other MDs say about our need for pure distilled water

“The diseases caused by impure water are numerous and fatal” says a...

Our waterways planet wide are now highly polluted and no longer safe to drink. Consequently, the water that’s fed to us in the town supplies is replete with chlorine, fluoride and other additives to prevent us getting sick. However, there is a long term sickness cost to that. Only 40% of NZ rivers are safe to even swim in now. The Manawatu river is the MOST POLLUTED river in the southern hemisphere. Someone got trench mouth from ingesting that river water. It’s contaminated with spirochetes that cause leptospirosis & lyme disease among other things (all in the article of the last link there). They’ve been polluting our waterways for the past century basically and continue to do so. We can no longer eat what remains of the food in our waterways … the whitebait’s nearly gone, birds are declining, eels are dying. All in the name of profits for the few.

So it’s important to start the conversation on obtaining healthy water to drink. Town supplies are not healthy in the long term. This is a huge subject that’s been widely debated … best to research it & make your own informed decisions before getting sick.

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My brother went to the doctors the other day for a gastric tummy bug and was told by the doctor not to drink the Christchurch tap water as it hasn't been safe since Feb 22.

That's good to hear, most of here know the water is poisoned but to hear it coming from a professional, glad to hear they are not gagged or oblivious.

I'd like folk to be aware also that  bowel disease has had a sharp rise in Christchurch.  Be careful not to disregard the other factors like electromagnetic radiation (Christchurch is fully wired) which can be very damaging to the bowel.

Also God only knows what they dumped on CHristchurch through that period. I know isotope radiation readings were and still elevated.

It is hardly coincidental, given the high standard of untreated water for the city & the low rate of tooth decay. The psychos need something like this to introduce chlorine to "treat the water" & leave the door wide open for fluoride if it becomes compulsory.

Of course things change & it is possible that water contamination of the aquifier by farming/agriculture has started to happen, like the "incident" at Havelock North. It would be so easy to replicate.

Centralised systems worldwide are degenerating:

Power from centralised systems is inefficient, polluting and too expensive.

Food from centralised systems is Polluting, poisonous and low in nutrition.

Water from centralised systems is expensive, unfit to drink and bathe in.

Medical care (except for accidents) is not designed to adress or prevent the problem only offer poisonous palliative prosthesis.

Education? =edgamaction, the list is endless.

The cause is rooted in the "economic" system; the constant compounding need to, as a business, always make more from less.

It is a doomed structure and the only way to not suffer the consequences of its degeneration is to stop using it!

The need for a service disappears and so does the pollution when there is insufficient demand. 

The same exact problem and solution exists for FIAT CURRENCY and the pollution that disappears then is continuous war.

It is the ONLY failsafe weapon we have and they know it.

How can I be so sure of that? The next step after cash is gone is to introduce a Compulsory Minimum Monthly Spend, if you don't reach that (high) sum you are FINED 20% of it, and you can't do anything about it as there is no alternative without cash once your money is locked up and hostage.

Get a divorce now, its better than a miserable marriage you are not forced to be in.

I'm sick of reading about how bad everything is when the solution is staring us in the face and had to get that out of my system. "You" is meant as a general term of course.

Pax Vobiscum

Darning Socks

Never had any issues with the tap water. I will agree the quality has declined fractionally since dairying began, mainly due to the leeching of saltwater into the depleted aquifers.

Christchurch tapwater is still a damn sight better than the crud that oozes out of Auckland's taps, I can vouch for that! And that's why I oppose fluoridation or chlorination of our water.

For a couple of months, we got a desalination plant in New Brighton after Fe 22, and there were some issues in the months afterwards with purity, but for the past 4 or 5 years it's been fine.

Of course, it hardly needs saying, but the best purifier of water is nature. And of course, we keep opposing nature instead of learning from it, so we are falling into the corporate elite trap: Water for sale. Bottled water, water purification systems, chlorination, fluoridation....pick your remedy folks, any way, it's you that's gotta pay!

If only Viktor Schauberger were still with us, I'd get him here to NZ to talk to all who still have ears to listen: "Comprehend And Copy Nature!"

The Waimakariri River is one of the most efficient water filtration systems on Earth, IF we stop sucking water out and leaching impurities in.

Water filtration by artificial means is fine as long as it leaves the beneficial minerals intact, but it's a sad fact that the end of drinkable, swimmable, living water is close at hand.

The NZ government has just this week been handed a scientifically commissioned report that concludes that we are past the point of "easy fixes", that changing the goalposts is just head-in-the-sand tactics.

We are now at the point that, if we survive the latest round of warmongering, we face a very gloomy future on a dead planet.

Why is Mars dead? A planet once living and filled with oceans and rivers? What killed it? Water is a planet's life blood. Will earth look like Mars a thousand years from now?

Oppose intensive farming methods. Don't buy bottled water. Sign the petitions and pester your government and councils.

Our future depends on those of us who still have a will to act.


Link from the article, and it's worth reading, as is all of Pam's site.

Actually I think the 40% figure is high as many of the so-called "rivers" aren't there any more. They do form puddles for a brief time after a good rain though.

Don't forget the Shungite!

Amazing things, pyramids. As hokey an New Age-hippyish as it sounds, there is something to the old "Pyramid Power" thing.

Personal observation: Egyptian hieroglyphics on the Unas Pyramid suggest that the real purpose of pyramids was to transport the deceased Pharoah, both physically and spiritually, to a location amid the stars.

Although every sealed pyramid has been found empty when opened, no one has ever seamed to reach the obvious conclusion that perhaps the pyramids actually worked...?


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