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Have fun decoding folks. Let me know what you can see!

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What? Trump as a Judge, are you kidding, look what he's sitting on it's a time bomb, this is The Beasts Judgement.
I'm sure that's a Russian sign on the flag is it not?

Didn't see the note on the door but bet it's not from santa.

The entire meaning of the hermit is one of separation for ones self, not to stand up there and hold a light for the braindeads to find their way in the dark.
1960's style protests in 2017 are suicide ... the hermit isn't suicidal he's a survivor.

BTW theres other tin foil hatters commenting about this but the link below has good close up pics.

And I see someone out there has noted "Planet Trump" heh.

Wow, there's some great stuff coming through here guys. I'm a dummy when it comes to tarot so it's good to see some expert knowledge.

The stars? I will get some closer picks and check what is being said around the net.

It will, as always, be interesting to look back as the next year progresses and see how well everyone scored. But more importantly, this might give us some advance notice of possible Illuminati plans that lie in wait for us.

Well here's The Magician ticked off Martin...if you fancy getting yourself jacked into the Space fence 2017 heres your chance.

Right now I'm listening to Elena Freeland, Billy Hayes (former HAARP engineer), and Freeman Fly explaining how this is set up to work with an ionised atmosphere. Unexpected incarnation of Project Bluebeam.

You really need to listen to this!

Yep, there's our magician solved, well done Cat's pj.

Interesting moon phase in the Hermit, is it 3 days out from the new moon? The flood of protesters emulates the crack in North America on globe below which could be flooding from major tsunami (round the new moon). Hermit has the high ground. The World looks like all the art and literature from civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt are being whirled up into the great central Sun, great ascension or gigantic leap of knowledge perhaps. Will check my personal pack of tarot cards before I attempt the others, first I need to download a clearer photo for my tired eyes.

Magician with his 3d Printer seems to be cloning houses 'little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky' except there wont be a brown one or a green one but every colour will be the same.  Wonder if the 3D printer will also miraculously Magickly 'print out' cloned humans as well to fill the apartment/unit/houses. Holding up his lightbulb and infinity hmmm...have they discovered 'eternal life' yet? I heard somewhere it's just round the corner 2029 according to scientists...maybe no need to wait that long.

Nice interpretation RC. Little generic boxes, all the same. Let's add Cat's Pj's info to this, and my recollection of a new world religion prediction based on the infinity symbol. Yes, it all fits.

With Death at first I thought it was a lucky blue horse shoe at bottom centre till on closer inspection see a sheep stuck in a swamp or puddle but does not look harmed and actually looks like it's emerged from the underground after the war machine has been thru nuking and buzzing mozzies. Last time I saw a rising sun that blood red was mid January 2013 will have to check old diary for the date and other pertinent clues. Those yellow things could be cameras or grenades or simply just stones or yellow toadstools like the 2 I discovered in one of my pot plants this morning. Is that where our last hope lies - in spores?


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