Penny is a horse-trainer whose animals, farm and livelihood were systematically destroyed by the presence of a major radio transmission tower on the edge of her property on the outskirts of Christchurch NZ. For over a decade she has been researching the effects and technologies of electro-magnetic radiation and has become an expert in this area, not academic but experiential. She was close friends with the late Dr. Neil Cherry, an outspoken critic of EMR and the telecommunications industry. Her information, her experience, her plight, her message are an urgent warning for almost all of humanity who are currently bathed in a carcinogenic sea of weaponized electro-magnetic radiation.

See Penny's interview with Jeff Phillips here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three



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This is quiet possibly the most enlightening series of clips you will ever see on the current state of Christchurch. Penny Hargreaves interviewed by Jeffery Phillips.

Please share this.

Does Penny have a website? I would like to see the map about where EMF is more previlant in Christchurch she wanted to provide Lorne Keuhn! Would be great if she had all her findings online!

Tried to download a vodofone coverage map but cant transfer it. It looks like a way to determine the density of emf the slaves are "soaking" in.

Hi Baza

Copy and paste (in an embed box) this coding for both the 2011wifry map and the towers map. This isn't all of them and I can not find a more recent installment but no stats have really been updated since the quakes anyways.


<p><strong><span class="font-size-3">NEW ZEALAND</span></strong></p>
 <ul> <li><strong><a href="" target="_blank">The Spark WIFI Map - 2011</a></strong></li>
 <li><strong><span class="font-size-3"><a target="_self" href="*RHHrS9GINttjm2DL*8joM6GLClNZHPuu5kxZjgI9lmZ3*cbFeLPxA1L877-SITB995nRT/CellmapNZ2011.jpg"><img class="align-center" src="*RHHrS9GINttjm2DL*8joM6GLClNZHPuu5kxZjgI9lmZ3*cbFeLPxA1L877-SITB995nRT/CellmapNZ2011.jpg" height="370" width="321"></a><a href="" target="_self">View all NZ mobile tower locations</a></span></strong></li>
 <p style="text-align: center;"><b><a href=";hl=en&amp;q=" target="_blank"><img src="*j/VodaphoneTowers.jpg?width=450" class="align-center" width="450"></a></b></p>

Hey Lee - Penny doesn't have a website but she does put her work in various places around the internet.

Try these search words in the Google monster.

'Penny Hargreaves' EMF Christchurch 'Ouruhia radio tower'

Here is her early testimony (come a long way since then too!) - a good read but the map isn't in it.

I have personally witnessed Penny's said map back in 2011.  I visited the sites of the most earthquake damage with her, all area's that intersected with other towers, ie Sugarloaf and Ouruhia intersection left massive damage.  She accessed the data for the map via her High court case.   Penny is a very interesting woman, the Erin Brockavich of Christchurchs EMF.  I can probably track Penny down if you would like to speak to her. She doesn't do computers much because of her EMF sensitivity, she's just done enough to state her case and the rest has been put out by folk that have met her and heard her dilemma.

Penny showed me all these places, we went from tower to tower after the quakes. Lee, you can't even begin to imagine what it is like to have two highly EMF sensitive people doing a tour of the most lethal towers in Christchurch.  By the end of our trip together we were tearing each others heads off. Fortunately Penny and I both knew enough to know what was tripping our triggers and rode it out!

I used to call that feeling 'the eating babies frequency'.

After that tour of the towers, I barely ever visited Christchurch again (only to visit Martin and your Dad Ian actually) because the EMR made me so BLOODY CRANKY within a mater of three short days at wi-fi saturation point. Same thing happens when I go to Auckland, so I just slip in and out of the cities as fast as I can these days.

Penny and I learned a lot. She saved my life and was a big part in the direction this site took after our meeting.  This woman has been persecuted for being aware and doing what she though was the right thing - putting it in front of the authorities... wrong thing to do and an all to familiar story in NZ.

Angels come in all forms.  Penny was one of mine.

I have watched the 3 videos and will watch them again this weekend taking notes. I am listening to the interviews you did with her that are up on youtube. Foggy memory, calcified lump on my achilles tendon, IBS, vertigo and occasional ringing in the ears. Things that make you go mmmm, the first I noticed was as a child I loved heights now I cant even stand watching a movie where there are heights involved as I feel like passing out or falling over.

Yes the vertigo is bad - in my youth I was a horse rider (jumps) a truck driver (steep quarries) an avid tramper, and loved pressing my face against the glass in high rises.  I've paraponted (flying) and done innumerable activities at heights... today I panic when I have to drive the Takaka Mountain - vertigo came upon me after the quakes when the associated technology was installed.  They reinstalled the 1980's GWEN tower system into Christchurch along with smart meters and wifi.

All the symptoms you have are the symptoms that alerted me to my own state of health.  Cronhs disease was out of control. hair falling out, gums receded, headaches, foggy memory (so much so I couldn't remember my name or passwords) constant ringing in the ears - I knew it was radiation poisoning very early after Dargaville Quake, it was just a matter of identifying whether it was isotope radiation, electromagnetic or BOTH.

The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was a command and control communications system intended for use by the United States government to facilitate military communications before, during and after a nuclear war. Specifically, the GWEN network was intended to survive the effects of an electromagnetic pulse from a high-altitude nuclear explosion and ensure that the United States President or his survivors could issue a launch order to Strategic Air Command bombers by radio.  The system looks a little different today and is basically covering every street corner.

This is an in-depth interview that Penny and I did together. You will enjoy because you were there too Lee.

And these ones are just off the cuff as we discussed info through the day, traveling around Christchurch to the places she speaks about with Jeff.  He has done a great job of pulling all that together in his clips.

Tree Harm where Sugarloaf focuses through Bromley Christchurch NZ

Dead Trees Bromley where Ouruhia and Sugarloaf Towers intercepted

Dead Trees Bromley where Ouruhia and Sugarloaf Towers intercepted II

Yellow bacteria Green Lichen growing on Trees exposed to High Frequ...

I drive past that tower twice a day. Belongs to Radio Rhema I think? Used to FM capable but now only AM. I'll listen to these later on, cheers.

What if I told you Mitt Romney owned a large number of the Canterbury towers?

You said "ONLY AM..."  Ok, I've got lots of work to do exposing this racket.

They tried to outwit Mitt on the deal!


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