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Friends, I used to think that simply avoiding proximity and not living to close to cellular towers was the most important consideration. Soon, cell towers will be the least of my/our concerns. The towers may not even be necessary when the entire atmosphere of the planet is literally saturated with wireless microwave radiation! The future is here...read on...

1) Project: Loon - Balloon powered internet for everyone. Further saturating the entire atmosphere with more wireless radiation so everyone, to the furthest reaches of the globe has internet access. This is so altruistic I could just weep. The world will certainly be so much better because of this Google sponsored project.

Notice the little boys and girls who wanted so badly to grow up and be somebody important that they lost their souls in the process. They worked so hard to be an integral part of this (insane) world and wanted so badly to fit in, they actually evolved their heads on their shoulders, no longer accessing the resources of their hearts! No wonder they are working so hard to bring "access" and "connectivity" to the world.

Scroll down and watch the video. It hilarious these people are actually able to convince themselves that what they are doing is important and that the person narrating actually believes in what he is saying. Astonishing!


2) OneWeb: We All Need Acccess. I am again amazed at how many tech-oriented people on this planet are so loving and altruistic! OneWeb wants 648 satellites circling the earth to give everyone affordable access. Just think, this project will not only make "access affordable," it will make bathing in toxic microwave radiation blasting through the atmosphere absolutely free of charge! How much more altruistic can you get? From their website:

Satellites Make It All Possible.

Constellation of satellites: 648 satellites circling the Earth will enable affordable access.
Faster: OneWeb’s satellites will be closer to the earth allowing for better web performance.
Coverage: OneWeb’s constellation of satellites will logically interlock with each other to create a coverage footprint over the entire planet.
User terminals: Small, low-cost user terminals will talk to the satellites in the sky, and emit LTE, 3G and WiFi to the surrounding areas, providing high-speed access for everyone.


3) Facebook's Connectivity Lab is building drones, satellites and lasers to deliver internet access. It is so heart warming. Scroll down to the second video and watch "All of Us." Incredibly endearing and humanitarian. Solar powered planes/drones flying over the globe bringing access to "all of us." Yes, on one level, this technology will definitely create an exponential increase in intelligence, opportunity, creativity and inspiration all over the planet, especially for people in poorer countries. This is the positive aspect of the technology. And yet what will be the collateral damage of the increased microwave radiation? This is the question that nobody is asking. More intelligent and inspired people,  more access to global opportunities and creative potential, as well as exponential increases in health issues because none of us evolved on this planet with these levels of microwave radiation! 



Neil Steven Cohen
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Been trialing it in Canterbury since 2013 and I do believe even the nearly extinct Kea,remotely living can get internet in the Tasman and Golden Bay too.

Ever wondered what the buzz is in your ears?  Ever felt your eye twitch non stop for days and weeks sometimes? Ever wondered why people regularly get body pain enmass. Whole towns are experiencing this.  Ever wondered why John Key had the money to run the wireless system through Canterbury even though the quakes had devastated our economy?

Balloons above Canterbury to beam down wireless internet

8:20 pm on 15 June 2013

I reckon the Loon project is a cover job for experimenting with alternative lifting option for geoengineering chemicals. Balloons can go much higher than planes and are a cheaper option.

It is mentioned in the Royal Society paper 'Lifting options' - also costed out and debated - tethered, or un tethered?. So someone somewhere would have to trial this technology. What better place than Down Under.

Check it out http://rsta.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/370/1974/4263

Quote from RS paper- just one of the options - check it out.

'Free-flying balloons

The concept of using cheap latex balloons, similar to weather balloons, to lift a payload of particles has been considered by a number of authors [1,2,4]. The analysis given here closely follows that in COSEPUP [5] but uses different values for some parameters. A 20 m diameter balloon has been assumed to be the maximum practicable.

By application of Archimedes’ principle, a payload of around 250 kg can be lofted to 20 km (where the density of air is around 0.08 kg m−3) by a single hydrogen-filled balloon of 20 m in diameter. A latex or nylon balloon, typical of those routinely used for scientific purposes, would weigh around 25 kg, and 20 kg is allowed for a canister and valve needed to release the payload. It follows that 40 million balloon flights per year are required to loft 10 million tonnes of aerosol.

The price of latex in July 2010 was £1.4 kg−1 [http://www3.lgm.gov.my/mre, date accessed: 1 July 2010] and in July 2008 the hydrogen price stood at around £1.6 kg−1[http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/blog2/index.php/hydrogen-fuelproduct..., date accessed: 31 October 2010]. The cost for a canister and valve in bulk production is estimated at £30.

The use of a premixed hydrogen/H2S or SO2 system as the lifting gas has been proposed [4]; this is entirely feasible but would increase the volume and therefore the number of balloons by a factor of 5 with a consequential increase in cost.

they just put another placed discretely very very powerful antenna at the intersection again a few days ago .i havebt had a wink of sleep since .i am hanging on to my existence by a thread .someone gifted me a lower priced cornet electrosmog meter. reading in uT 's (whatever that m,eans )  its a steady .constant over the limit reading near the corner where it is placed (right outside my apartment) .i have to wait until im dead to sue i guess ,since the burden of "proof" is on me and the cognitive damage from 6+ yrs sleep deprivation has literally pushed me into a brain damaged ,autistic/dementia/alzhiemers state with the symptoms of MS to go with it.i have one blood relative on the face of this earth ,my son .i was adopted ,so my son and his child due in february are the only blood relatives i have ever met in my entire life ,and i doubt ill be alive to even meet my grandson .still have the master smartmeter ,289 antenna,55 towers and live ,thanks to my manager ,at an xfinity public wifi hot spot .i hope these people burn in hell for the  torture they cause ,but they wont ,theyll be the ;last ones standing.bats ,frogs,bees ,there already gone here since "deployment" . theres no one in the local gov that will even recieve my information.. 

Deanne that all sounds terrible. Is it possible to move out, and in with your son for a while? I know that would be hard and inconvenient, but you may have to do something drastic to escape the torture. I will be praying for a miracle xox 

my son lives with my ex and his wife.i am satan to them. belive me if there was a place to move too i'd have moved 7 yrs back when the damned smartgrid first came .on subsidized housing ,that limits me to apartment life now because they think we shoulod all be concentrated in little units now .house rentals are 3-4 times the rent .cant even rent a backyard on 733$ a month.this loon thing is all about surveillance and targeting in my opinion.if you read about "medical advancements" its always wireless tech now .one big advertisement for the wireless/microchip/tech industry .theyve already made public that your unique frequency signature can be tracked ,also what all these nifty medical apps can do as to measuring your biological functions with emf/rf ,so basically ,anything that uses soft ware can have all those apps .smartmeters,circuit boards in light bulbs ,i dont trust any electronics anymore.not even a battery powered cheap watch .everythings been weaponized ,remote control weaponized .im sure these balloons can deploy biological and chemical agents ,or send a drone to do it once the target has been established.not like they even need manpower now.the watson/IBM hollerith machine became the census bureau ,and now its census on steroids with tons of data records to "implicate" us as not conducive to their goals of world domination.pretty sure our targeting is already pretty much automated .


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