These images come from a member on the crrow777 forum. She attended the presentation.

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Great find. Was explaining this to someone the other day..the future of smart cities and driverless cars. Somebody actually listened to me which was so shocking I had to pinch myself, until she told me she doesn't have a TV. Duh!

Thing is, if we are correct in our concerns about the effect of emfs on all life on earth, then these kinds of cities are not possible on mass. Which makes me think this is some kind of pie in the sky dream being sold to people.

OR...there will be so few people left to control they will be small isolated cities and the amount of EMFs produced will be offset by large tracks of uninhabited areas.

And/or, some kind of transhuman DNA therapy will be available so only genetically altered people/organisms can survive it.

Its probably all of the above.

Untillll...and it won't take long either - to Crash! Then BOOOM!!!

Thanks Cats,

see plenty of tech in cars already. Auto reverse parking, auto braking sensors for when you're not looking ... when you're checking the latest fb 'ding' hahaha, but yeah, still a long way off. Did see a woman holding a baby while her toddler son used his fingerprint to open the door for her :(


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