Hi Trailers, I am reposting The Light-bulb Mafia, as it seems to have disappeared from the site although that may be smething to do with the search engine on the site... still working on it. I urge all to have a read of this important information and particularly if you have observed changes in your eyes.

Wally reported this week, that a local doctor is very concerned about the sudden influx of people loosing their eye site.  Also it was told to Wally that dogs and cats are also going blind, many turning up o the surgery with cataracts.  Dogs and cats don't read screens however they are more exposed to the microwaves from Smart Meters and Wi-fi than we are due to their little size.

THE LIGHT BULB MAFIA - Book & Postscript

John Christian, New Zealand, has just finished another radical new book titled; 



While the original book was good, some said too long but this one is entirely different, being only 45 pages of amazing information which can be easily read ina couple of hours. Plus the hyperlinks, some of which are stunning.

While its always hard to predict, this book is “explosive” because it is revolutionary, showing up big business, scientists and the medical profession for who they lly are – in most cases, highly paid charlatans! I feel, because the book is so short and easy to read about an issue that is soon going to affect every man, woman and child on earth, it is going to potentially affect millions of people.

John was going to give the book a different name, but in the end thought he would link it to the previous book so if anyone who wishes to find out even more info on the subject they can still easily access the original book on the web or at the PDF Link Below.

While I believe John has meticulously proven his case, the book is still extremely “controversial” .

Simply mind boggling.  Please find the free PDF version and a word document below.


THE Light Bulb Mafia (Autosaved).pdf

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This was posted on a Palmerston North website yesterday by the awake gardener, Wally Richards.  I will contact him with a copy of the book.  My concern is he said a vet told him animals are going blind with cataracts (he rescues shar-pei's. OBVIOUSLY dogs and cats aren't in front of screens.  I suggest that the microwaves from wifi/smartmeters need looking at.  My dogs are 13 and 8. Both them and I are experiencing eye site issues.  I could almost understand my older dog going blind but not my 8 year old!  They both have cataracts and my 20/20 vision is very poor now.  Mine I can easily put down to computer use, but not my dogs. 


Message from Wally Richards:

Hi all, it has come to my attention from personal knowledge and some medical related people that a unusual amount of people in Palmerston North are currently or have been suffering with eye related problems. This is the likes of itchy, scratchy eye irritations, red eyes (likely increased by rubbing)

puffiness around eyes, watery eyes and in general most annoying eye problems. Likely to affect all age groups. This has been going on for a while but according to one doctor spoken to today it has affected a lot more people in recent times. He puts it down to some sort of pollution in the air.

I would be interested if anyone from these groups are suffering from eye related problems recently. My feelings is that it could be affecting a large number of people and children. If so the City Council or health department should be asked to investigate the cause.

The other copy of this document has been found... though not by the ConTrail Search engine. 
Original is here

Yes Wally and Rose.......my eyes seem to have issues. Itchy, red, focusing---hmmm.Wifi, Chems, Increased UVC what have you.....? I do take vit A,C,D,E....MMS, H2O2, coconut oil, special hemp oil, green drinks, Brite Eye supplement to try to avert. Hope this helps! Nobody needs to go blind.

Thank Rob - I'm now using a little lavender oil and it is helping.  Hope to catch you on the phone one day soon to catch up ♥

I am pretty convinced that the scratchy eyes and irritation is geoengineering fallout. The nano particulates we have to breathe in, that also effect the eyes.
Goodness knows what is in the mix?? Here in NZ. Although there's less obvious stuff to look at in the sky compared to Melbourne, the vibe here is hard to handle. We have been back nearly two months and I am struggling. I felt it as soon as I arrived - a downbeat lethargy that you have to resist each day. When we are settled I will look into it more. Satellite maps which show geoengineered material arriving from Tasman and Australia etc. And who knows what local experiments could be going on. We used to have many days - (I used to call lithium Saturday's) in Aus. When we were zonned out and lethargic. Maybe more barium in the mix here which I think can cause eye problems. EMF on top could be a bad mix.

The itchy eyes I agree - but given most of you are saturated in wi-fi, your cell phones always in your hands - or 'harmless radio waves' as I have heard you call them, I suggest this isn't left until we all are blind.  The chemtrails certainly coat the eye but the wifi is microwaving you and every part of your body. 
To remove the coating, use peppermint oil or lavender oil around the eye area (NOT IN IT)!  This helps remove the chem film.

Fiona - it would be really cool if you could read the attached article.  Nice to debate where it is coming from with a little more knowledge.

I did read it carefully Rose - All very concerning for sure. Not questioning this possibility, just adding my thoughts to the big picture. All goes hand in hand I feel. Bombarded from many fronts.
Will download pdf and read properly when I have a computer up and running again. Have had hardly any internet access out here for two mths. We moving into a house finally at end of week. Its been a long haul.
BTW I was an ardent campainer against smart light bulbs years back when Helen Clark delivered Labour's dumbest bright idea to give free bulbs to all homes in NZ. Jonathon Coleman got visits and documents from me, along with cell phone tower info etc. Which he brought up in parliament - and got nowhere with at that time. I don't put geoengineering up as the cause of all ills. It is just a huge part of an ugly picture for mankind. We can choose our bulbs, where we live, our food etc - but can't choose our atmosphere. Just saying :)
Hi Rose,
Thanks for your email below. Interesting your and Wally’s observations regarding animals going blind with cataracts. This is a subject that I haven’t studied a lot, but just a couple of hours on the Internet  has just blown my mind! Can I tell you what I have just discovered by writing a short article about it? Here goes:
Firstly, generally speaking, I believe it is well established that cataracts are not caused by LED blue light between 450 – 500 nm. Excessive blue light from LEDs destroys the epithelium cells on the retina causing macular generation leading to blindness. Blue light does not damage the lens of the eye causing cataracts but excessive UVA and UVB does. I’ve studied the damaging effects of certain frequencies and wavelengths of light on the eye, but not how certain chemicals and drugs can damage it. I have since learned a lot more about how certain medications and deficiencies in the diet can damage the eye as well. Sometimes eye damage can be incurred by a combination of causes.
Recently, Erwin Elber, a Swiss friend of mine, who founded and runs the superb international website exposing the dangers of vaccines and provides an enormous wealth of information about the subject  http://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com told me that some years ago when in New Zealand he talked to a cat breeder who told him that she and other cat breeders had lost so many valuable breeding animals to vaccine-related illness and deaths that they have taken to falsifying their animals’ certificates to say that they have been vaccinated when they are not, to be able to take them to cat shows. Here is another recent article on his website: http://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/vaccination-autism-and-media-control/
So this evening when I discovered this superb website and article by Dr Karen Becker, a Holistic Vet, everything started to drop into place. In her article about eye problems in pets, especially dogs, Dr Becker points out that cataracts can be caused by animal vaccines and drugs. She points out that veterinary ophthalmologists have found a common cause of cataracts in dogs is toxicity from drugs like vaccines, heartworm preventatives and flea/tick medications. Here is her article and video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vyoGoex2SN0?rel=0&enablejsapi=1
So now, all of a sudden, I am rapidly beginning to see that the same adverse reactions to vaccinations and other drugs in humans are now also being replicated in animals, including pets like dogs and cats and farm animals as well. It is a huge subject, so to be brief, I will use an example of just one common drug GABAPENTIN used by all medical doctors on humans and most vets on pets as a first-line treatment for neuropathic pain, seizures and epilepsy amongst other similar complaints. This drug is one of the most common drugs prescribed by doctors and pets worldwide today! It is commonly prescribed for many off-label uses such as treatment of anxiety disorders, insomnia and bipolar disorder as well, which is normally considered unethical since the drug has not been officially approved for such use. Contrary to what doctors and vets may claim, there are many serious adverse reactions to this poisonous drug. One of them is that it causes serious eye problems and cataracts in both animals and humans, and for some reason women over 60 years of age within a month of using this powerful drug often quickly get cataracts Already, since writing my book about LEDs, I have been contacted by women over 60 who have been prescribed this drug for back pain and got cataracts as the result. 
Gabapentin is best known under the brand name NEURONTIN, manufactured by the Pfizer subsidiary Park-Davis. Neurontin is one of Pfizer’s best selling drugs, however Park-Davis has suffered litigation for marketing the drug for at least a dozen supposed uses that the FDA had not approved. In the Franklin v. Pfizer case, Reuters reported on 25 March 2010, that “Pfizer Inc. in 2004 violated federal racketeering laws by improperly promoting the drug Neurontin. Warner Lambert, which was subsequently acquired by Pfizer agreed to plead guilty for activities of its Park-Davis subsidiary, and had to pay $430 million in fines for using the drug for off-label use to settle civil and criminal charges. At the time, it was one of the largest settlements of its kind in US history. The drug is marketing under many other brands now and is one of the most common drugs prescribed by doctors and vets still today. When it is used for animal treatments the sweetener xylitol is removed because it is highly toxic to dogs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabapentin
Here in Tauranga, New Zealand, an elderly lady I know who was prescribed Gabapentin by Tauranga Hospital for pain relief during an operation, within a month went completely blind with cataracts. After talking to me, she went back to complain to the senior doctors and specialists. She was told she was “hallucinating” and Gabapentin does not cause cataracts! Well here is a study, based on Federal Drug Agency (FDA) reports of 95,031 people who have experienced adverse side effects when taking Gabapentin. http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/gabapentin/cataract/   Note the incidence of cataracts! So if the drug is doing this to humans, it most certainly is having a similar effect on dogs! And remember, this is only one drug of many.
FIVE DANGEROUS DOG VACCINE INGREDIENTS: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/five-vaccine-ingredients-that-can-harm-your-dog/  This excellent article is largely self-explanatory, naming the five chief dangerous ingredients in dog vaccines as: 1) Aluminium, 2) Thimerosal, 3) Contaminants, 4) Animal Protein and 5) Money.
Thimerosol provides a good example of one of the serious additives in vaccines. Thimerosal is a highly neurotoxic mercury based additive that has been used as a preservative in human and animal vaccines for decades. Note that in 1935, Elli Lilly, the creator of Thimerosal, was contacted by the veterinary vaccine manufacturer Pittman-Moore after they declared Thimerosal as completely safe. Pittman Moore wrote back to them: “We have obtained marked local reaction in about 50% of the dogs injected with serum containing dilutions of Merthiolate (Thimerosal). Merthiolate is unsatisfactory as a preservative for serum intended for use on dogs.” (Director of Biological Services, Pittman-Moore Company, letter to Dr Jamieson of Eli Lilly Company dated 1935 U.S. Congressional Record, May 21, 2003, E1018, page 9).
Since then, repeated studies show the dangers of Thimerosal. In 1967, a study in Applied Microbiology found that Thimerosal killed mice when added to vaccines. In 1972, Eli Lilly found Thimerosal to be “toxic to tissue cells” in concentrations as low as one part per million (PPM), 100 times weaker than in the typical vaccine. Despite all this on-going and emerging data, Eli Lilly continues to promote Thimerosal as “nontoxic. Today Thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines is still used, however it has been replaced in some vaccines with phenol – even more toxic. What is even more concerning, it was phenol injections that were used by Nazi doctors in Germany in the AKTION T4 operation to murder through involuntary euthanasia over 70,000 people including children with mental and physical disabilities.
But even more serious, is the close collusion between these corrupt pharmaceutical companies producing these poisonous vaccines and drugs and the doctors and veterinarians themselves. Just as all medical doctors in the world are controlled by the World Medical Association which represents 112 national medical associations and over 10 million physicians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Medical-Association So the World Veterinary Association controls all over 80 national veterinary medical associations and over 500,000 veterinarians across the globe on six continents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Veterinary_Association  Both the World Medical Association and the World Veterinary Association are secretly colluding together to create a “ONE WORLD HEALTH SYSTEM” for all humans and animals on earth: https://www.wma.net/events-post/global-conference-on-one-health/  Now if you go to the World Veterinary Association website here, http://www.ivsa.org/partners/world-veterinary-association-wva/  you will see that its funding partners controlling at at the highest level are the giant pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and Merck Animal Health. Above the pharmaceutical companies are the Anglo/American bankers that control them another subject in itself which I will not address in this article.
If you go higher up still, and look at the Wikipedia listing for the World Medical Association [above], you will see that the big four corporate funding partners of it are: Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Company, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, Inc. We remember, Pfizer owns and manufactures GABAPENTIN. And Eli Lilly owns and manufactures THIMEROSAL. And to top it all off, the new, supposed ‘miracle drug’ called SURAMIN (trade-name GERMANIN) at present is being promoted globally to cure and treat autism (which it doesn’t) (largely caused by poisonous ingredients in the vaccines themselves), just happens to be owned and manufactured by Bayer. All these three companies that together between them control GABAPENTIN, THIMEROSAL and SURAMIN, also control the World Medical Association and World Veterinary Association, and hence all medical doctors and veterinarians – in the world!
This, is precisely why all doctors and veterinarians throughout the world are simply common, unethical, drug pushing, pathological liars and killers, criminals of the worst kind, subservient puppets of these giant, corrupt multinational pharmaceutical companies at the top, pushing their poisonous ‘snake oil’ products on man and dog alike for maximum profit. Clearly, if this collusion and corruption is not quickly stopped, in the future it is going to cause untold misery and suffering  for man and animal alike.


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