The Nats have been land banking Tamaki state homes on prime real estate since 2012, clearing out the poor to make way for private mansions

We’ve been seeing many images of folks sleeping in cars, tents, sheds and garages in the past few years, heart breaking for a country where a few decades ago virtually all were housed, employed, clothed and fed. Not so now with 42K homeless, and it’s not because we had a war or a natural disaster. It’s purely because of greed among those who purport to LEAD us. BLEED us would be more to the point given the tax rate these leaches are on. This has to stop. This information supplied by Penny Bright, highlights the land banking of properties in Tamaki, defined as gentrification.

The Greens had this to say about it:

Tamaki is a “…community of people who feel that they have been shunted around as if they are of little consequence. They have stayed defiant because they can see through the rhetoric that the redevelopment of their neighbourhood is about helping the locals and doing up old houses. In fact, the redevelopment is benefitting wealthy developers and property investors who get to dally around with a small bit of social housing on the side so they can justify their land grab.

Read more at Rangitiki Environmental Health Watch

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It's a given, NZ was always held back for that reason. Lot's of poor slaves for the future wealthy masters....

NZ, the new Hamptons?

With all our local councils well on their way to debt oblivion these sell-offs will become the norm.  It's all part of the plan.

We are seeing serious the effects in Northland now. People move up here looking for cheaper housing but prices have gone through the roof already with the exodus from Auckland.

Homelessness on the rise in the city, cut throat rental system. 

NZ the new Hamptons Nym!? Ack! Its a good analogy...theres a new breed of snobbery here that blows my mind. Big push now for reversing us back into a 2 tier society.

That's interesting CP. I just met someone here in the Horowhenua who has moved from Wellsford because it's too expensive to live there. It's snobbery alright. Same happening here actually as they've just sold off our community housing (pensioner) to a private developer having lied to the public it was selling to a community housing provider. Selling off the family jewels. Privatization of everything. As you say John it's all part of the plan. So aware of this. Councils (ours in particular) are getting extremely fascist. They protest here & really kick up a fuss but the council just steams ahead regardless. 

This is the share holding of the Tamaki redevelopment Co Ltd.

Thanks for that Lee. I'd heard that these two owned it.  

Just been watching Richie Allen on the Grenfell fire which is emphasizing the Agenda 21 / 2030 scenario of getting rid of the poor in to human settlement zones. This is exactly the same agenda we have here, & world wide.

I'll do a link only & post the vid over on the Grenfell thread...


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