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Thanks Rose. Can you continue posting this series. I have signed up for the series, two or three times, but it doesn't show up. Same with Natural News which used to appear every day but now despite going to the website and signing up several times, the newsletter does not come through. Am I being edited as to what I receive??

Talking of cannabis, I was in a health food store the other day and happened to find a bag of organic hemp protein powder. A sticker on it said 'Although hemp is allowed to be eaten in the USA and EU, it is not allowed for sale as "food" in AU or NZL ( except hemp oil in NZ). We insist that you only buy our hemp seeds, protein powder or oil for external use (i.e. a body scrub)- or eat them in a country where it is legal".
You gotta be joking! Okay folks, I'm now off to New Caledonia or Hawaii - can't decide - to make my smoothies!


That's precious!

I'm sure Snafu will keep these coming ladies but if not I will keep them up. 

Go New Caledonia! Hemp protein powder(flour) friend got me 5kg for ? and some oil but he is gone now to the RU. Maybe I can locate his source...?

Now I can`t load the video as is/was all about the hemp?

It is all about "The Sacred Plant" Cannabis. A great series.

Thanks. I signed up but it's not coming through. This guy sounds like Rick Simpson.

Jenny, be very careful what's available at stores, "gmo's" for sure. Codex Alimentarius, food code, said vitamins ,etc, are poisons. Heard this from one of Dr.Rima videos. 

This was from an 'organic' health food store Renate and the product claims to GMO/gluten-free. I found that the back of the packet was actually a sticker giving instructions for using as a 'rub'. By carefully peeling off the large sticker I found the original instructions for use with smoothies. Not sure how they could get this stuff into the country with only a sticker covering the truth. I think it is genuine.
Excellent information Renate. So many forget about the global standardization occurring everywhere. Having worked for a food broker and seeing ingredient statements I wonder how some of the stuff is even called food. Mary wilhite wrote some great books about poisons in our food and toxins in cosmetics and can no longer find them. The GMO trilogy is another oldie yet goodie for information

I don’t know how, but it appears these Sacred Plant posts have by Hi-jacked. The post is about Cannabis (Flowers and Leaves). It is not about Hemp Seeds. Hemp Seeds don’t cure anything. They’re considered to have some nutritional components but not enough to help anything. If you follow Weston Price, the last true Scientist, all protein powders are bad for the body.

So everyone is free to talk about Hemp Seeds, but it has nothing to do with Cannabis, and anybody coming on to read these posts, shouldn’t be confused thinking it does.


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