The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed - Episode 4: Treating Cancer

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Great series, thanks for the uploads ;-)

I found 2 comments below from the "the sacred plant" episodes, which to me are government control. Notice how they're punishing for government control tests. Not good.
Codex Alimentarius (food code) believes all vitamins and minerals are poisons and are absent in all foods. Remember Dr. Rima's videos. Do a search " Dr. Rima and Codex Alimentarius"
There is a cannabis shop here in Mission BC Canada on first Ave. Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau is legalizing Cannabis in all of Canada, that's a joke. Fuck it's all GMO's, fake shit. He only said that to get elected, then he brings out fake shit. Remember the government has a patent on cannabis, that means it's made in a petri dish, it can't be real. (I want to grow the real deal in my garden without going to jail, but then the chemtrails are killing all life on earth) wtf. I'll see the rest of this and see how it ends but I see problems.
Michael Easton ·
WHY does the host have to display with his hands'The All Seeing god'? the new world order hand display. Its what has totally discouraged me from watching the video... He comes across as Angela Merkel with her constant display of that hand display.. PleaseExplain yourself sir, because I don't trust you with that hand display
The one world global government, aka the new world order has been trying to gain control of all vitamins, minnerals and herbal supplements for decades. They have almost succeeded with their AGENDA 21and Codex Alimentarius. if this plan succeeds. you may be able to still get them, BUT only at a strength 1/100th of the amount required to make a detectable difference, which probably means a detectable difference on a lab test, not in the way you feel. Considering that the RDA is already too low, this would probably result in our living close to the same life span, but with less quality of life because of poorer health and have us spending more on drugs that do us more harm than good!


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